Saturday, September 30, 2006

The ball bounces on and on and on and on and on....

So, Friday there wasn't any school -- 3 weeks and they get their first day off -- Where was this kind of schedule when I was in school??? Anyhow since Jeff and Ginger had to work (and I bribed Whitlee) We met with a couple of Brendan's friends from school (Emily and Natalie), Emily's mom and little brother. We saw Open Season -- It was cute and most of all the kids LOVED it:)

It wasn't Jackass like Brendan wanted to see but then I didn't think that would be a good movie for Whitlee --

Today was Brendan's 2nd soccer game. They played alright -- Brendan did pretty well -- he made a few really good plays - He made a "header" play -- It was a throw in and there was what seemed to be a 9 ft. tall 4th grader trying to receive the ball - Brendan was determined NOT to let him get it so he jumped up and hit the ball with his head. Another great play he did he was along the side line running toward the goal -- the ball was kicked to him and he had 4 boys from the other team advancing on him to try and get the ball. He faked out one kid did a soft dribble, pivoted around the ball keeping it from the other team and then took it up the sideline -- his coach turned to us as said "Where had he been hiding that skill???" The strangest thing one of the coaches for the other team was my dentist --- He was making our coach nuts!!! It was a good game -- Coach was please with Brendan's performance today -- he had a couple of private words with Brendan after the game --

Of course I have some pictures and a couple of short videos from todays game. I'm off to unload them from my camera -- I'll post them when I'm done --

Tonight is the Seattle Thunderbirds Season opener -- The Cunningham house is SO EXCITED!!!!


Christy said...

Stephanie is to excited because she will have the house to herself tonight!! Glad to hear Brendan's game went so well.