Thursday, June 07, 2007


OK...OK...I hang my head in shame.........replace the bottle of booze with an iced green tea from Starbucks and that is me.....

We are in the home stretch of elementary school --- YIKES!!! it will be over before I know it!!!!

Can you believe that Brendan will be in middle school next year?!? I can't even wrap my mind around that right now.

What have I learned recently??? I learned at 38 I am still able to function on 1 1/2 hours sleep in a 72 hour period!!!

Why oh why would she be so crazy and do that you ask..............the company (whom shall remain nameless) that in years past we have gone through to do the yearbook screwed us over BIG TIME!!!! I have put the damn yearbook together not once.......NOOOOOOOOOOO........not twice..............NOOOOOOOOOOO but 3 yes 3 FREAKING TIMES!!!!!!!!! This is what I picture myself looking like when Jann told me we weren't having a yearbook this year because they didn't have it...........

You know freaking out on the verge of tears yet still holding it together and managing to look cute all the while ---- STOP LAUGHING MICHAEL!!!! I didn't say it was factual I said what I pictured!!!:)

All the while I am sure that this is actually what I looked like.........

who am I trying to kid this is me on a good day -- and from my good side:) :) I'm telling you add a ponytail and that is totally me:)

I am pretty sure this is what I look like during all the screaming I have done since Friday!!!!!!!

After my breakdown over the yearbook Jann and I quickly came up with some alternative plans..........
Now since we didn't have the yearbook mock-ups I had to create it YET AGAIN ---- this was time number 3. I just could not wrap my mind around them not having a yearbook this year. This is the big year for the 5th graders!!! Who came to the rescue???? KINKO's in Federal Way!!!! They ROCK ROCK ROCK so hard!!! they said they could scan reprint and compile the yearbook to look almost exactly like what we would have gotten from the "other" guys and....................................................for about $2000.00 less!!!! Like I said THEY ROCK!!!!!! And what is the best part of the whole crappy situation???? I got to use my creative skills and create a full color cover for the yearbook!!! That was FUN!!!! There are about 25 or so photos on the front and back cover --- I took the kids of the 4 other ladies who helped with the yearbook and put our kids on the cover since we worked on it and then I just took random shots that were collected through the year to fill it up. I think the kids will really like it.

And so with some minor screaming to get a copyright release this is what I look like now. I pick up the "proof" tomorrow upon approval it will take 5 days for the full and complete order to be ready!!! WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I feel so FREE..........deep breath deep breath......and on to my next project!!!
I am teaching a class this month at Ben Franklin in Bonney Lake. It is making a scrapbook album using their new binding system. If you are interested here is the link to my class.
It should be fun fun fun....
This week marked a birthday for someone!! He needs to update his blog!!! I need an update!!!!
Brendan had 3 games left of baseball ---- he has had a good season -- he went 4 for 4 scored 3 times and had 4 RBI's last night --- the best part no trip to the ER or Urgent Care!!!!!!
Well -- I think that is all for now I need to get ready for a PTA meeting!!! I'll update with some scrapbook pages I have done recently later.................................