Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just how many times can one 2 year old.............

throw up in 18 hours???? ANSWER: A LOT!!! Poor sweet Whitlee Jane..................She started throwing up at 1:30 AM -- and hasn't stopped yet -- although she does hold off long enough for her parents to start thinking that maybe we may be getting a hand up on this -------BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. She hates it and I hate to see her cry. I must run...........I hear gagging............................

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You want me to take WHAT?????

That was my expression to my stand-in Gyno this morning. We all know I have some serious fertility issues and now..........................I have to take freaking birth control pills!!! You have got to be kidding right?? Talk about a waste of time - well I guess not a waste of time as it is suppose to "regulate" my cycle. That is the start I say just yank the crap out I certainly am not in the market for anymore babies. So, I am taking the new "superstar" birth control pill -- Yasmin -- I go back in 3 months -- we'll see how it goes..........BLAH

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just A Thought................................

Just was thinking about this. Here is the question of the day...........

What would you do if you weren't a parent????

My answer: I don't know and I don't want to know --- have I mentioned I LOVE MY KIDS!!!!

Toos............I want toos..........

Whitlee has discovered my tattoos! She has seen them before but for whatever reason today was the day she wanted to see them up close and personal!!! She understands she has to wait until she is 32 to get toos that don't wash off. So, I whipped out my bic markers and too'd her up:) SHE LOVED IT!!! Well, she loved it so much she wouldn't put on clothes --

Today was a snow day -- Brendan was so funny -- he has asked to be woken up when his dad was getting ready to leave for work -- he fell right back to sleep. I figured I'd just let him sleep --- he woke up at 9:15 (school starts at 9:10) he came running into my room full of panic -- it's 9:15 and I am late for school ---- When he realized that it was a snow day and although there was 6 inches of snow at the school we just had a dusting. He went back to bed. Who knows what tomorrow brings -- The Auburn School District didn't post the closure until 5 A.M.

I love my kids ---- they make me smile with their laughter -- they make me smile with their wonder -- they make me smile with every single breath they take. I LOVE MY KIDS!!!!

A funny sidenote................Jeff saw the devil at the train station!!! Evidently she is taking the Sounder these days..........YIKES!!!! I hope she doesn't recognize him he may be forced to talk to her.

Here are some shots I took tonight ---- there is only one of Brendan because he was busy having a snowball fight.......

The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Snow Snow Go Away..........................

Stephanie has things to do!!!!!!!!

It's snowing outside and baby it's C-O-L-D!!! At the Cub Scout pack meeting which was an hour long between 3 and 4 inches of snow fell...............................The kids had a BLAST!!!!!

Here is Whitlee with the Gingerbread Man she made............She named him BANANA --- don't ask:)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Birthday You...........Happy Birthday You..........

is there anything sweeter?? Whitlee woke up singing that to me.

Today has been long -- there were giggles and laughs -- tears and sobs -- it has been an ok day.

Tonight was Grammy's service -- Jeff actually got up and spoke about her -- I was shocked that he was able to get through it. It was nice.

Whitlee picked out my birthday cake today -- NO TURKEY CAKE!!! I had balloon and Barbie candles -- any guess on who picked the candles??

Brendan picked out the funniest card:) I love his sense of humor -- He is such a GREAT kid!! He is spending the night with his grandparents tonight -- he really just wanted to spend some special time with Marilyn.

I am off to bed............Steven is getting married tomorrow and I have much to do.

Happy Birthday to me.....Happy Birthday to me.....being 38 isn't so bad.......Happy Birthday to me!!!! it possible

WOW -- Today is my birthday --- Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me I am really old Happy Birthday to me:)

Thanksgiving was nice -- sad -- nice --

Today is Grammy's service.

Tomorrow is Steven's wedding.

I am old

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So I guess it's not a secret...............

Evidently the only one keeping the secret was me:) Although I must admit if it were me I don't think I could keep it either.........So, the secret is out -------- Steven and Sharlene are getting married on Saturday!!!!! We are SO SO SO happy for them. Of course their lives are super crazy right now -- but it is going to be beautiful (just keep thinking no wind no wind no wind for Saturday night)

Brendan is thrilled that there is only 3 days of school this week. Jeff has tomorrow (Wednesday) off -- Whitlee is thrilled about that. I may have Jeff take her to the movies. Brendan and I went to see Flushed Away on Saturday night. He loved it -- me not so much but than again we didn't go for me to enjoy it. OK the slugs were cute....

I am going to be 38 on Friday --- God when you think about it it seems SO old!!! But I don't feel old sometimes I feel old --- sometimes I feel really old!!!

What am I going to make for Thanksgiving??? Gary is cooking a turkey -- Brendan is making his much requested cranberry bread (it is acutally really really good and I don't like cranberries) -- I think I am making a banana cream pie -- Whitlee and I are going to the pie store in the morning --- Maybe I should get ahold of Marilyn and figure it out........How many days away is it???

Sunday, November 19, 2006

How long can a week be???

This has been one hell of a weekend!!!! One of the only bright spots..........The University Of Washington Huskys beat the Washington State Cougars --- I thought that they were going to choke it and let the Cougs woop them but no - they pulled it OUT!!! Bow down to Washington!!!

Brendan and I helped Marilyn and Gary pack up Grammy's apartment on Saturday --- I felt so bad for them they had moved Grammy in last Sunday -- I think that if there is a daughter of the year of the decade of forever and ever the lifetime achievement it should go to Marilyn HANDS DOWN!!! I can only hope to raise my children to be 1/2 of the person she is. For people who believe there is a heaven there is a special place there for her!!

I slept last night and I mean slept for 4 1/2 hours straight --- I was OUT! The house could have caught fire and I would have slept through it. I have probably slept a total of 15 hours in the last week.

This upcoming week brings a day of thanks a day of goodbye and a well I can't talk about what else it brings but it will ROCK!

I am off to kiss my kiddos!


Friday, November 17, 2006

What it's only Friday.....................

I feel as I have lived a lifetime in 4 days. Brendan didn't go to school today - why should he?? 3 hours for what?? We didn't get home until midnight last night - I really think it did Jeff and Brendan good to see Marilyn and I know it did her good to see them.

I don't even know what time Brendan went to bed last night -- I know he had a pretty serious conversation with Jeff. I let him sleep until noon today --

I reached my stress point today -- I should give myself a time out -- Whitlee kept asking me when we get to see Grammy or I want to see Grammy or Can we call my Grammy that is always followed by I love her so much - Every time my heart is ripped out of my chest. Then I have to explain that she is gone and she cries and says over and over I want her I love her I want to hug her.

My heart hurts my head hurts and there is a week to go... I am going to meet Marilyn tomorrow morning to help pack up Grammys house. I don't know if Brendan is going with me or not but I think he probably will.

I just found out the service that was previously scheduled for Saturday afternoon is now on Friday evening at 6 p.m.

Whitlee is awake now -- crying -- I feel myself folding -- What the hell I'm letting her stay up!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I ripped out his heart today...

I reached in grabbed his heart and ripped it right out of his chest - my sweet loving 10 year old. I caused him pain and sorrow and there wasn't anything I could do about it. Today I failed as a parent.

Jeff's Grandma died last night -- the sense of loss is overwhelming! I try and find comfort and peace in the fact that I know she wasn't in any pain(thank you Morphine). She died peacefully in her sleep with her daughters by her side. When we were at the hospital last night she didn't recognize anyone -- the medication had her so drugged. There was some sporadic response but not a whole lot. Luckily for us we were also there the night before and she was able to recognize both Jeff and Brendan -- Marilyn called this morning while I was taking Brendan to school. I selfishly decided not to say anything to him at that time -- I knew how he would react and I wanted him to be able to pay attention in school. As soon as he got in the car today the first thing out of his mouth was "What did grandma have to say when she called this morning?" I told him we would talk about it later. When he got home he became my shadow....he followed me from room to room. So I broke his heart --- I'm sure on some level he knew what I was going to tell him but to hear the words he fell apart. I swear I could actually hear his heart breaking into little pieces. Grammy meant the world to him. He doesn't really remember my mom - he was so young when Grampy died - he remembers Mima but since he only saw her once or twice a year it's almost as if she just moved away...and he was younger 4 or 5 when she died -- So this is his first real in your face someone you REALLY care about and see often kind of loss. Grammy NEVER let an opportunity go by to tell him she was proud of him and to do well in school. My children will never doubt that she loved them. She believed that the sun rose and set on them. They will be better people because of her.

We will all miss her so very much. She was a WONDERFUL woman who was loved by many.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

HA!!!!!!!!!!!! Beta Blogger take that!!!!

ok so....I didn't do it on my own - A HUGE THANK to Vin from beta blogger for dummies you TOTALLY ROCK!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Still trying to figure out what is going on.............

Well, I had every intention of figuring out where my mp3 player went today while sweet Whitlee napped -- that didn't happen.

Whitlee and I took Brendan to school this morning and then took Jeff to work -- Brendans school fundraiser and Boy Scout Popcorn arrived and needed to be delivered. We were home maybe 15 minutes -- just long enough for Whitlee to go potty and I made her something to eat. The phone rang it was Jeff's mom. His grandma was in the hospital and it didn't look good. Jeff and I had just been talking about this last night. She had less than a 5% chance of making it through the night. Somehow she made it through -- there are MANY things going on inside her but to respect her privacy I'll just say she is REALLY REALLY REALLY sick. I practically threw Whitlee in her car seat rushed up to the school to get Brendan and sped to Seattle to pick up Jeff. When we got to the hospital she was able to recognize Jeff, myself and Brendan -- It took everything she had just to whisper hi. There are so many emotions that are floating around now -- Jeff is freaked and I don't blame him. This woman practically raised him after his dad left and Marilyn was working. She thinks the sun rises and sets on Jeff and she doesn't care who knows it. And she LOVES Brendan and Whitlee. I want her to get better with every cell in my body (yes, that is a lot of cells!!!!) She is almost 95 years old!!! Hopefully tonight will be uneventful.

I have a secret.......................and I can't share it with anyone!!! I had to PROMISE I wouldn't say anything but I have a secret...................................WOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!

I'm going to play with some pictures right now I need to do something that will make my creative portion of my mind work so I won't be focused on the rest ---- I have a headache, Jeff had a headache and Brendan has a migraine.

I am SO PROUD of Brendan!!!! When we came home so Jeff could change his clothes and take a brief nap Brendan INSISTED on going back to the hospital with him --- he wanted to be there just in case Grammy woke up he wanted her to know he was still there.

Upgrade my ass!!!!!

So, if you blog you know that blogger is offering an "upgrade" OK - So can someone tell me where the heck my ipod went???? It's to late to deal with this now -- I'll be back

Friday, November 10, 2006

I've been told that I MUST blog everyday --- When I don't I throw a wrench in Jenel's day:) So, I am going to try...................

I don't really have a lot to say right now as I am TIRED!!!!! Brendan went back to school on Thursday -- almost an entire week out but he is feeling better.

Whitlee won the war today ok maybe just the battle -- she wore a dacing leotard ALL DAY even to school for the Veteran's assembly. It just wasn't worth the hassel and she was happy --- big girl underpants all day even at school and NO accidents.

I'm outta here for now --------- Thinking of ya Partyboy!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I love my kids!!!!!!!

You know after almost 11 years in I have learned so much as a parent. I have learned patience. I have learned to laugh at myself. I have learned its ok to splash in the monster puddles because you can giggle after -- anyway why else do we have rain boots!!! I have learned patience. I have learned to be less rigid (notice I say less). I have learned that is really is a sad thing when the girl guppy dies because she is a good fish friend. I have learned that I won't melt if it is raining during a soccer game. I have learned patience. I have learned that I can "function" after being up for most of the night while your child is ill and you are trying to help. I have learned patience. I have learned that a 2 year old has untapped compassion. I have learned that if I never do ANYTHING else in this world I have brought to it 2 people that WILL make it a better place. I have learned and continue to learn patience and I LOVE MY CHILDREN.

Every single day and I mean every single day they each make me proud for different reasons -- now I am not saying that every day is a walk in the park and every day is smiles giggles and frosting. But they each do something that stops me in my tracks and I think - WOW!!! You’re a great kid :)

Is it normal to love your children so much??? I don't remember feeling love like that growing up. I don't remember my mom thinking anything we did was cute -- she certainly wouldn't have thought it was cute if at 2 I created vampire fangs from a stick of pepperoni (who thinks of doing something like that – my sweet girly girl). She definitely wouldn’t have answered the question “Mommy, do you like butterflies and vampires?” about 1000 times a day – who would think of putting those 2 things together?? Her heart would not have broken when a 2 year old cried when she learned the girl guppy had died proclaiming – “She was my very good fishy friend I sure am going to miss her.” My heart just broke with her tears (we will be getting a girl guppy in the morning). I don’t ever remember playing in rain puddles – YES I am playing in rain puddles – because we DO have rain boots and raincoats!!! HELLO, what are they for anyway. I don’t ever remember having my parents feel “proud” of me. How can you not feel proud of your children I feel it everyday!!

Brendan has been sick – he was up all last night. There is something going around school and I think it may have invaded our house. Even as crappy as he was feeling he was concerned of me getting close because he didn’t want me to get sick. I love my kids!! He sold the most Christmas Wreath/Decorations in the 5th grade. He earned enough to not only pay for his ENTIRE camp fee there is a substantial amount that is extra. He was able to “decide” what to do with it – he could have it dived among the kids who participated in the fundraiser, he could direct it towards one person, he could put it in the “campers fund” which is for kids who need help with their camp fee. What did he decide to do??? There are 3 sets of twins in the 5th grade this year – 2 of the sets he has known since being a Kinder – he decided that he would “use” his extra money and divide it between the 2 sets he has known because each of those families has 2 kids to send to camp. I love my kids and they make me proud every single day!!!!!

Would my mom be proud of my kids?? I’d like to think so – How could you not love them? You know who did love them (even though she left us before Whitlee was born) --- Mima…. She really loved me and she was proud of me. She LOVED Brendan. She would have loved Whitlee – She would have been proud of my kids. She taught me to be a parent -- She taught me patience. I miss her every single day. I love my kids!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Just a couple more I promise

I can't help it!!

Whitlee getting a goldfish "tattoo" at the pumpkin patch

Brendan is ALL BUSINESS in goal

Whitlee wants to play soccer SO bad -- Well, I think she just wants to run around on the field!!

Brendan leaving the field after a GREAT game!!!

Brendan at the pumpkin patch

Brendan after a heartbreaking end to his shut out with coach Doug

Sweet Children..............

Here are some shots of the kiddos -- They make me proud everyday!!!

Whitlee Being a vampire (she is obsessed with vampires -- the fangs are pepperoni)

The kids at the pumpkin patch

Brendan the SUPER Goalie!!!! He actually did a roll and stopped the shot!!!

Evidently this is what you are suppose to do during nap time -- thankfully the super IKEA dresser literally weighs 250 -300 pounds so it didn't tip over and we now know the drawers can hold 38 lbs of clothes!!!!

Brendan Halloween night at Auntie Aki's and Uncle John's house!!

Yes you spazz they play.....................

soccer in the rain!!! So, people told me it would happen but I am a rookie mom -- they promised it would happen but I am a rookie mom -- I knew it was coming but I am spoiled and I am a rookie mom!!!! This morning we awoke to POUNDING rain -- surely they won't play soccer in weather like this - I was wrong!!! Luckily by the time Brendan's game started it was a light rain - I of course sat in the chicken seats (under the HUGE tree). Brendan started in goal but I don't think that the other team was human -- they were back passing and back dribbling I think they might have been robots. Anyhow they scored 3 times in pretty quick order (one shouldn't have counted because it was out of bounds - but the ref counted it). Brendan was destroyed - he started to get upset because he felt like he was letting his team down. When he was subbed out he fell apart -- Coach Doug met him at the sideline - I don't know what he said to Brendan but that guy is AWESOME!!! It did rain the entire game we were cold and soggy but it was great. Here is a shot I took of Brendan at the end of the game - soaking and filthy (yes, that is mud) but LOVING SOCCER !!!

This is Whitlee and her GINORMOUS BLUEBERRY PANCAKE!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Who knew?????

that nacho cheese could kick my ass - LITERALLY!!!! As I am in the "SUPERMOM" mode at school -- it's Halloween and of course I have nothing but time (does anyone believe that??) The primary grades we having a "Fall Festival" instead of the traditional classroom parties -- they had asked the PTA if they could borrow our nacho cheese machine - sure, no problem..........well the company that carries the nacho cheese ---- OUT OF SUPPLY --- WHAT it's what you do how can you be "out" So we may not order but one or two cases a year (there are 4 bags in a case) but we only have 325 kids in our school!!! Anyhow on Oct. 30th I get a call that they will have it in the morning did I still need some -- DUH!! So, I drop Brendan off and school and a giggling Kitty Witch and I dash to Kent to get this cheese -- now I have to be back at the school in order to catch the AM Kinders and the AM ECE to take shots of them for the yearbook. Somewhere on the drive back from the industrial area of Kent I decide that I AM SUPERMOM not only that I AM SUPER PTA MOM!!!! Now I don't know what caused such delusions but alas that is what it was. I pull into the parking lot heft the 45+ pound box of nacho cheese onto my hip direct my sweet little kitty witch up to the side walk and grab the massive cauldron full of candy for the kiddos in my right hand --- Smart??? I think not but did I do it anyhow but of course. Now I noticed a twinge in my side shortly after but paid it no mind as since I was SUPERMOM I had things to do. The day was great the kids had a blast trick or treating - I noticed discomfort but I'd been busy all day so of course I'd be achy and tired. Fast forward to Wednesday each and every step was sheer pain at one point I am on the stairs (sitting) and then Whitlee is wiping tears from my face. By about 8 p.m. I decided to listen to Jeff -- I called my Chiro this morning but of course on Thursday he doesn't work until 3PM!!!! Jeff stayed home to watch Whitlee and take Brendan to school and Ginger to work. I have a bulging disk and a pinched nerve. My did manual alignment since I was in so much pain. The reason I was wanting to throw up so bad was my neck was WAY out of alignment also -- I felt somewhat better instantly - my back still hurts but I'm not crying I go back in the morning. Damn nacho cheese!!!!!!

I've been asked to do a photo shoot -- it's for Senior/Graduation photos. We'll see although I am more cofident with my new camera. Have I mentionned how much I LOVE IT!!! I am taking some BEAUTIFUL shots!!!

I am working on a TON of Halloween pictures as soon as I get some layouts I am happy with I post some layouts.

Something happened last week I wasn't sure if I was going to blog about it - it's not a secret or anything but more "personal" Whitlee and I came home from running errands and as soon as we pulled into the driveway - my buddy Mike pulled in behind us. I haven't seen him in awhile we email back and forth -- it was really good to see him. He was out running errands and saw us. Whitlee thought he was "cool" and she kept trying to give him leaves lots and lots and lots of leaves!! What is the fasination that she has with them -- they are EVERYWHERE!!! It was really good to see him --

So I'm outta here --

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sweet November.................................

Last night was a blast!!!! The kids had SO much fun but it was COLD!!!!! I'll post some of the pictures soon. Whitlee LOVED LOVED LOVED all the attention she was getting and Brendan LOVED LOVED LOVED the candy of course!!!

I got my "baby" on Friday -- it's a NIKON d80 -- and it is SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! I have taken about 900 photos since I got it!!!!

This is going to be short - I threw out my back yesterday carrying a box of nacho cheese sauce into the school -- I am going to the chiro tomorrow -- Jeff is going to work from home so I can go. thing before I go......
tlcpink1 - I'm glad you are looking for answers and if I can help PLEASE let me know!!!