Saturday, November 04, 2006

Yes you spazz they play.....................

soccer in the rain!!! So, people told me it would happen but I am a rookie mom -- they promised it would happen but I am a rookie mom -- I knew it was coming but I am spoiled and I am a rookie mom!!!! This morning we awoke to POUNDING rain -- surely they won't play soccer in weather like this - I was wrong!!! Luckily by the time Brendan's game started it was a light rain - I of course sat in the chicken seats (under the HUGE tree). Brendan started in goal but I don't think that the other team was human -- they were back passing and back dribbling I think they might have been robots. Anyhow they scored 3 times in pretty quick order (one shouldn't have counted because it was out of bounds - but the ref counted it). Brendan was destroyed - he started to get upset because he felt like he was letting his team down. When he was subbed out he fell apart -- Coach Doug met him at the sideline - I don't know what he said to Brendan but that guy is AWESOME!!! It did rain the entire game we were cold and soggy but it was great. Here is a shot I took of Brendan at the end of the game - soaking and filthy (yes, that is mud) but LOVING SOCCER !!!

This is Whitlee and her GINORMOUS BLUEBERRY PANCAKE!!!


Christy said...

Welcome to the real world of being a sports mom. Heck...we play football in the snow!! The pic's of the kids are really cute.