Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I love my kids!!!!!!!

You know after almost 11 years in I have learned so much as a parent. I have learned patience. I have learned to laugh at myself. I have learned its ok to splash in the monster puddles because you can giggle after -- anyway why else do we have rain boots!!! I have learned patience. I have learned to be less rigid (notice I say less). I have learned that is really is a sad thing when the girl guppy dies because she is a good fish friend. I have learned that I won't melt if it is raining during a soccer game. I have learned patience. I have learned that I can "function" after being up for most of the night while your child is ill and you are trying to help. I have learned patience. I have learned that a 2 year old has untapped compassion. I have learned that if I never do ANYTHING else in this world I have brought to it 2 people that WILL make it a better place. I have learned and continue to learn patience and I LOVE MY CHILDREN.

Every single day and I mean every single day they each make me proud for different reasons -- now I am not saying that every day is a walk in the park and every day is smiles giggles and frosting. But they each do something that stops me in my tracks and I think - WOW!!! You’re a great kid :)

Is it normal to love your children so much??? I don't remember feeling love like that growing up. I don't remember my mom thinking anything we did was cute -- she certainly wouldn't have thought it was cute if at 2 I created vampire fangs from a stick of pepperoni (who thinks of doing something like that – my sweet girly girl). She definitely wouldn’t have answered the question “Mommy, do you like butterflies and vampires?” about 1000 times a day – who would think of putting those 2 things together?? Her heart would not have broken when a 2 year old cried when she learned the girl guppy had died proclaiming – “She was my very good fishy friend I sure am going to miss her.” My heart just broke with her tears (we will be getting a girl guppy in the morning). I don’t ever remember playing in rain puddles – YES I am playing in rain puddles – because we DO have rain boots and raincoats!!! HELLO, what are they for anyway. I don’t ever remember having my parents feel “proud” of me. How can you not feel proud of your children I feel it everyday!!

Brendan has been sick – he was up all last night. There is something going around school and I think it may have invaded our house. Even as crappy as he was feeling he was concerned of me getting close because he didn’t want me to get sick. I love my kids!! He sold the most Christmas Wreath/Decorations in the 5th grade. He earned enough to not only pay for his ENTIRE camp fee there is a substantial amount that is extra. He was able to “decide” what to do with it – he could have it dived among the kids who participated in the fundraiser, he could direct it towards one person, he could put it in the “campers fund” which is for kids who need help with their camp fee. What did he decide to do??? There are 3 sets of twins in the 5th grade this year – 2 of the sets he has known since being a Kinder – he decided that he would “use” his extra money and divide it between the 2 sets he has known because each of those families has 2 kids to send to camp. I love my kids and they make me proud every single day!!!!!

Would my mom be proud of my kids?? I’d like to think so – How could you not love them? You know who did love them (even though she left us before Whitlee was born) --- Mima…. She really loved me and she was proud of me. She LOVED Brendan. She would have loved Whitlee – She would have been proud of my kids. She taught me to be a parent -- She taught me patience. I miss her every single day. I love my kids!!!


Christy said...

Good gravey....you are awfully heavy with the emotion today. Are ya feeling ok???? I am glad you feel the way do you.