Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No excuses....just life :)

So, seriously....no excuses really just life happening :) When I started this blog post it was October 20th ---- today is actually October 26 :). It has been an entire month since my last lame "post" It was actually just an update from the fair :)

What has been going on at the Cunningham household??? SCHOOL HAS STARTED!!!!!! yes that is right! And, at our house this year 2 Cunningham's went to school............WHAT?!?!?!? Did I type that correctly??? No.....wait.....yes...CRAP! It's true :) Brendan started 8th grade this year - his last as a middle schooler. Next year will be High School ( I am crapping my pants already) - Whitlee Jane my sweet little baby started Kindergarten this year!!! So, both of the kiddos are off -- Here are some recent and by recent I mean from the first day of school on photos.

Brendan's 1st Day of 8th Grade

Our annual tradition of First Day of School Starbucks
Love this shot.....he HATES it!

Brendan with no smile..

Brendan laughing at Heather (more about that later)

Brendan and Heather

School started on September 9th. Since Whitlee was in Kindergarten on the first day of school you have a "meeting". This means you get like 45 minutes or so - you bring in your school supplies and get to meet the teacher and see the classroom. They do that so when you arrive for your "first day of school" you don't freak out because everything is new and unfamiliar. Whitlee had a BLAST!! She was familiar with the classroom because we went to visit it during the Welcome Back/Open House BBQ...

She was SO excited because she had found her NAME!!!!
Walking to her "line" the first day -- of course she HAD to bring the teacher flowers :)
She found her name again :)
Because she had a "different" start day than Brendan she was able to have her own "Starbucks" time!!!! She was on cloud nine!!!!
This is what happens once the excitement of your first day has worn off -- you have a tummy of warm lunch and your Mommy made you hold still for more than 30 seconds!!!!

2009 Puyallup Fair
Brendan was explaining to Whitlee that these at one time were REAL animals!! She could understand why people would kill the animals just for the furry part!! (so, now we have one kid who is going to save the enviroment and one kid who will run PETA one day!!)

Whitlee said this is how they made lattes BEFORE Starbucks invented coffee!!!
Brendan couldn't wait for his friend Ben to get to the fair!!

Silly faces!!
Look who was tall enough at 4 years old to ride the "BIG" rides -- We went in circles A LOT!!!

Right after this picture with Patrick was taken Whitlee looked at him and said "My mommy won't let me watch your show --- she says it is STUPID!!!!" There was TOTAL silence for about 10 seconds and then......from somewhere deep inside of Patrick you could hear a faint chuckle :)...True Story!!!

It is hard to see him so grown up!!
He HATES this shot!! I love it :)
Love this shot!
You would never know (I didn't) she had a fever of 102!!! Gotta love the swine flu!!!
Love this shot!!!!
What happened to my shy little boy????
Even I didn't get this excited about Spirit Day in school!!!! (Yes, those are wings!!!)