Friday, February 27, 2009

My Sweet Girl..........

It has been 1827 day since you shot into our lives. You my daughter have taught me far far more than I have taught you. A fighter from week 15 when my water broke. I am filled with love and gratitude for you and your brother -- I have always said that if I never do another thing in my entire life that will be fine as I have the two of you.

The opportunity to be your mom is so unbelievably awesome!!!! How come I am so lucky?? Sometime, I admit that I wonder "What in the hell is going through her mind?" or "Seriously, the dog in the dryer" or "No, Jeff I have no idea why she sprayed carpet cleaner into the TV" I am willing to admit that I have looked at you in wonder and thought --- Brendan never did anything like this...............That is ALWAYS ALWAYS followed by she is not Brendan she is Whitlee Jane. I love you with my whole heart............I will never get tired of you saying this to me. When I ask you "How do you know it's your whole heart?" a brief roll of the eye is usually followed with "Mom, I know -- you are the best mom and I love you"

Here are some reasons I love you so:

~ you give the BEST hugs

~ You LOVE LOVE to learn - reading and writing

~ You are SO artistic (your "colorations")

~ When you smile you smile with your entire face

~ You find such enjoyment in anything you do

~ You love to be a helper....especially when I am baking

~ You make the BEST sugar cookies:)

~ You are SUCH a girl!!!!!

~ You LOVE shoes:)

~ You love pink and must wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY

~ You love to sing at the very TOP of your lungs anytime and ANYPLACE!!!!

~ You love your brother (or as you call him....bro bro, peanut bruder, b bob, brother)

~ You have no problem showing your emotions

~ You look exactly like me!!!! It is scary!!

~ You love to tease me --- you eat celery in front of me so it will gross me out, you skip and giggle because you know I can't skip AT ALL!!!

~ You are so amazed when you learn something new

~ You LOVE dinosaurs and babies

~ Your willing to try almost anything

~ You start each and every day by giving me a GIANT hug and telling me you love me

~ You have a compassionate soul

~ You worry about Daddy, Brendan, Uncle Steven, Auntie Ginger, Auntie Sharlene and your grandparents.

~ At your young young age you are so well mannered..........OK, not ALWAYS well mannered but, most of the time:)

~ When I am sick you want to take care of me.......thank you for making me toast:)

~ You hate peanut butter:)

Thank you my sweet girl, thank you for picking me to be your Mommy!! I love you with my entire being!! Along with your brother you are the reason for each and every breath I take, you are why I wake up in the morning, you make me want to be a better person so, I can lead by example. I wish your Grandma Nancy, Your Bachi, Great Gram Ohrt, and Great Grandma Cunningham had each had the opportunity to meet you..........Man, they would have LOVED LOVED you!!!! They also would have loved the fact that you keep me on my toes (they would think that this was PERFECT).

I look forward to watching you grow -- this is a big year for you after all you ARE an entire hand!! You will start school this heart breaks at the thought of this...I hope there is a Trish McCullom there I think I'll probably need a hug:) I am excited about your adventure -- you are excited about your adventures....... I love being your mom!!!

Happy birthday baby!! I love you!!! May this year bring you happiness and adventure. Grow and enjoy every moment -- I'll be right here!!

Love you bunches to the moon and back with frosting and sprinkles,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random things recently heard at the Cunningham house...

~ You can't light a porcupine on fire, throw it into a barn and expect licorice

~ That's the way I roll

~ it's redonklus

~ I wonder if I could really light my farts on fire

~ Did you know that is called a Catroll (we were eating Chinese food for valentines dinner - Brendan was convincing her the egg roll was actually a Catroll).......Nice!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A golden nugget on a golden day............

There are a handful of blogs I read on a consistant basis (and...well stalk:))

Recently, I came across a blog that well, simply put it makes me feel good!!! Liz - she just has the most amazing way of putting words to computer:) This is from a recent post --

it is good to be reminded
it is good to be reminded that i am not alone
it is good to be reminded
there is deep, true connection in my life
i can look myself in the eye and know that this is truth
i am not alone
i am not alone

(you are not alone)
(remember this)
(reach out to someone in your world)
(invite love in)

i send you blessings and peace on this day
i send you blessings and peace for this moment in your journey
rememberin this moment
you are not alone
.........................................Liz Elayne

Amazing right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Liz you inspire me!!!! Here is a link to her blog -- You will not be disappointed!!!! Plus she sells some really cool handmade stuff

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Since I have turned 40 I have been doing a lot of self inventory - I think of it as a Stephanie in retrospect if you will ~ like the Army --- Be all that you can be!!!

Getting back into contact with girls now women from high school -- How I have missed them in my life!!! Where there had been a hole there is no longer.

Taking control of my kidney issues instead of burying my head in the sand. I went back to the Dr. -- Had the ultrasound, gave blood, pee'd in a cup etc. etc. etc..........Good news - kidney function is stable (that is good).

Enjoying the creativity that I have -- it really does matter to me.

Working on my photography eye......I am learning to really trust my instincts -- shoot what is pleasing to my eye -- I have yet to not love the results!!!

Kids are doing well -- currently I am not freaking out that Whitlee is just a few days from turning 5!!!!! She is so excited and it is very easy to get as excited looking at it through her eyes. I am looking at schools now -- my sweet baby girl will be a big Kinder in September (she is already checking out backpacks!!!). Brendan, he is doing well in school -- he is doing better than well!!!!!! I enjoy them so - they truly the be all to end all!!!

I am so grateful for fertility medical intervention!!!!

I strive daily to live my 2009 word: Cherish........I feel it down to my bones:)

.........Just when I am winding down along on this road I know out of nowhere in particular I get a bit of information (which will remain private at this time) -- I admit I have thought of it every now and again after all, I am only human:) When I got this tidbit the pain was gone........poof........WOW!!! Seriously, I don't feel glee at others pain and I know there had to be some pain. Nor, to I feel vindicated (OK that isn't true................maybe juuuuuuuuuuuust a little bit). I do feel bad for the pain I know accompanied the entire situation.

It's been an interesting time since I've turned 40!!! Being 40 is TOTALLY BAD ASS!!!

You might be a Redneck if.....And report cards..........

Every year the kids and I buy Jeff a daily calendar for his office. Last year he got a George Carlin calendar -- it was SO SO funny!!! We couldn't really find one that we liked -- Brendan kept looking for another Carlin ----- nothing ---- Brendan and I were in Barnes and Noble the recently and FOUND ONE!!!! Jeff Foxworthy --- I love him -- I think that he is so funny!!!! Anyhow, it was fun going through the days already passed -- Whitlee is holding onto one for her Uncle Steven --- The following is my favorite so far..............

You might be a redneck if you think Starbucks is a hunting ranch..........................

Take a second.........................

I can see you laughing:).................It's ok!!!

Jeff's favorite one......

You might be a redneck if you have given your compliments to the a county fair!!!

We got Brendan's report card --- 3.76 GPA!!! Not bad we are VERY proud of him!!!!!

I am off to make sugar cookies................

Monday, February 02, 2009


February is upon us..............SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did January go??? Whitlee will be 5 in 25 day.............SERIOUSLY!!!! She is VERY VERY excited!! She is having a pool party (her favorite kind of party) with a PINK Princess Theme...........She says the best part is that she is going to be a whole hand!! I remember when that impressed Brendan. For Christmas Steven and Sharlene bought her a Cupcake Maker. Brendan convinced her that she wasn't old enough to use it -- that she had to be 5!!! I was finally able to convince her last night that it was ok for her to use it with Mommy or Daddy's help!!! Today we made CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!! Errr............I mean she made cupcakes and I supervised -- Here is the fruit of her labor:)

All the cool equipment

She needed to touch everything
She was trying to figure out which cupcake paper to use
Adding water
Adding MORE water
More Mixing....
Into the cupcake cooker you go baby!!!
Getting ready to nuke it!
This AWESOME finished product! It was cinnamon sugar -- she said it was SUPER YUMMY!!!
I was in the grocery store the other day -- Look what I found.....
You know I totally had to buy some!!!!!
We went to have lunch at Jeff's office last week. This is a time honored Cunningham child tradition. Kid + Elevator = jumping!!!!
This is one of her favorite parts:)
When you are almost 13 you don't jump anymore -- you sit on the handrails
These are some glass globes that hang in Jeff's building -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!
Up close
And another one.
Lunch --- Spiced Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup
She LOVES grilled cheese (she had me take of the apples)
Even at his dad's office he is WAY cool
The children are SPOILED at Jeff's office!!! This is a little present from Maryanne -- a little candy bar and $$$$$.
This is one of my VERY FAVORITE PHOTOS OF THE KIDS!!!!! I took it from across the room -- I so love this!!!
A certain little one developed a huge case of the giggles:)
More giggles
She just couldn't stop!!!!
It was so so cute!!
The fam...
We are doing well, Brendan just started a new quarter in school!!! He is getting ready for baseball training -- Whitlee is focused on turning 5!!!!!!!!!
How are things on your end?????