Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One month and counting...........

until my birthday --- not that I care but Whitlee is SO excited. She just cannot understand why having a birthda isn't a big deal to me:)

I'm going to be 39 --- When the heck did I get old??? I don't feel 39 -- I feel mid-20ish

Anyhow, Brendan had his 4th basketball game today -- The played REALLY well.

Here is a video from the 18th of Brendan's basketball game - a video of Whitlee dancing at the pumpkin patch and a couple of pictures I took of the kiddos at the pumpkin patch.

Here are the pictures.....

Monday, October 22, 2007

And these are the days of our lives.....

So, it is really nice to know that the whole school issue isn't just us -- it seems that most 6th graders are having an interesting time. I have yet to run across a parent who isn't having the same issues we are -- I know I know I am sure there is one or two out there but it is nice to know it's not just my kiddo.

This weekend the kids and I went to the pumpkin patch with Steven, Sharlene and Matthew -- the kids had such a blast -- the highlight??? Well, for Whitlee -- the slugs in the wheelbarrows!! Of course there was fresh hot corn all around!!!! We even brought one home for Jeff.

I am processing the pictures that I took and I'll try and have some up later today -- Here is ONE just one -- Sharlene is so normal -- can you tell me why oh why does Steven have to shove his finger in his nose at every given opportunity?? And look he has Matthew doing it!!! Yikes - Whitlee said they must have boogies. Uh no..............

I got some great shots of Matthew -- He really was a trooper when I was asking him to pose. He only "pretends" he doesn't want his picture taken:) :)

Whitlee did a little dance -- Steven was trying to convince her that she was doing karate moves but she just rolled her eyes......You gotta love 3 year olds:)

What the heck happened to the Pittsburg Steelers -- YIKES!!!! They lose to the Broncos!! What is the world coming to? That "Steeler Nation" better pull their heads out and start winning some games -- I don't want to be the cooking football freaks!!!!

Brendan had a basketball game on Wednesday -- Good game -- I'll post some video in a bit -- I think they are finding their "groove" you could tell that they had worked on passing and rebounds. They were much more aggressive in not letting the other team push them around. I think the final score was 34/20 Cascade. Today is another game. There is only a 2 weeks left.

Brendan also had a soccer game on Saturday (in the rain - man I hate that!!!!) I only saw the first half before I literally had to rush up to teach my class at Ben Franklin. Only 2 of my 3 showed up -- mother and daughter -- they have taken one of my classes before and the mom took my bags, tags and cards class a couple of weeks ago. While I was there I saw some cool stuff they are going to order in for me to teach --- fun stuff!!!!! Anyhow, I managed to take about 250 or so shots in the 1/2 game I was there --- I wish I could have stayed longer.

We have a full week -- I'll be taking lots of shots -- Brendan has 2 basketball games, a choir performance a soccer practice and a soccer game.

On Sunday I think we are going to Remingler Farms --- That should be FUN FUN FUN!!!! I have been told they really go all out with the decorations. I am sure it is just photo opportunity after opportunity waiting to happen.

Jeff is home from work today -- he was just going to work from home because Brendan has a 3:15 game but then last night he started feeling really icky -- I am pretty sure I'll be making a run to the store for Squirt soon - regular not diet not a 2 liter bottle not cans or other bottles.

Anyhow, I need to run Ging needs to get to work...............................

I'll be back in a bit with video and photos

Thursday, October 18, 2007

So, I am trying something.........

This is a short video that I took of Brendan's first game --- It's a bunch of running around -- I love how Brendan is SO INTENSE. I am processing his photos and he has another game today --- YIKES:)

Anyhow, let's hear from you!!! Hey how ya doing???

Jodi - Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you!!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Different Strokes...............

yeah yeah I know it looks different!! In the mood --- feeling fallish -- you get orange.

Brendan played his first basketball game yesterday -- it was a heartbreaker!!! They came back from 18 points down to ALMOST win. He played well -- they all did. I'll be posting pictures soon.

I'm outta here:)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Nice to know.....

time management issues aren't just something we are dealing with!! Ahhh.....such is the life of a preteen (joy).... Also, found out that one of the teachers at the school (not one of Brendan's) doesn't think getting a D as a grade is a big a D is a "passing" grade!! I about fell out of the van. I said sure its a passing grade and at my house I'd be passing your bedroom door as you were sitting inside your room YIKES!!!!!

GREAT NEWS!!!!! Brendan made the A squad basketball team -- we still don't have a schedule but do know his first game is Tuesday, October 16th @ 4:15 p.m. (at Cascade)

I did this layout of Brendan's first day of middle school --- I can't get over all the changes that have happened so quickly!!!!!!

The paper is from Magical Vacation by Sophia Sarducci
Font is Felt
Notebook Paper is from KSharonk
Stars, Star Overlay and Staple from Weeds and Wildflowers Believing In You

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Time management issues...........

not mine!!! YIKES - Brendan - What is a parent to do??? School has been "offically" been going for a month and a week -- we have SERIOUS time management issues at our house. It has nothing to do with getting up and getting ready -- he does that great!!! It's the whole homework issue. In middle school they give the kids "homework" and it's not due for 2 weeks --- so, fast forward 2 weeks and the said homework that your psyco mom has been asking about for the 2 weeks that is due tomorrow isn't done.................................................................Is he still in the adjustment phase????

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

So many photos......

Here is a shot I took of Brendan during his game on Saturday. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Adobe Lightroom????

This photo was sent to me in an email ..... have you ever had one of those days??
I wonder how much duct tape it would take to hold up a 3 year old???? Not that I would do it but I'm just wonderin:)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Can be refrigerated for up to 15 days.............

are they serious???? Albertsons has pre-cooked bacon on sale --- I usually get this at Costco because of the BULK -- Needless to say we are bacon lovers here:) So, the package (at Albertsons) has 15 slices of bacon in each package. On the side of the package in fairly large letters it says that once the package is opened it can be refrigerated for up to 15 days --- Is there someone who really needs 15 days to eat a package of bacon????? 15 slices of bacon last a very short time in our house:) I think that in my next life I will probably be a pig for all the bacon we consume --- yes, Karma is a bitch:)

HEY SHARLENE............
(I didn't forget and Steven didn't remind me!!!!)

Monday, October 01, 2007

(Insert clever and extremely witty title here)

Have you ever had one of those days?? Welcome to my day:)

I think I have recovered from the Jonas Brothers!!!

Friday night I took Ginger and Whitlee to the Children's Theater at Seattle Center. They are about midway through their run of Disney's High School Musical. It was GREAT!!! Both girls LOVED LOVED LOVED it -- Whitlee didn't even move. When the play was over the cast came and sat at the edge of the stage to sign autographs -- Ginger got every single one of them!!! Whitlee wasn't interested until we were leaving....Ah such is a 3 year old!! She was "sad" all the way home then announced that she wanted Daddy to sign her paper --- Jeff got a pen and when he was ready to sign she announced she wanted him to sign HER name. So, Jeff signed Whitlee's name on her High School Musical program -- she was so thrilled she slept with it!!

Brendan had a soccer game on Saturday afternoon -- He played really well!!! They scored twice on him but it was due to his lack of defensive players in the defensive zone. What a concept!! The coolest part for Brendan??? His teacher Mrs. Luettgen (Honors Language Arts and Social Studies) came to see him play!! She is WONDERFUL!!!! He is going to have such a great year in her classes!!!

Today, they are practicing on the new turf fields at Game Farm Park. I can't wait to get some shots. It is very BRIGHT AND SHINY!!!!!

Anyhow, I am going to need to go and pick up Brendan soon. He was excited to go to school today.....why??? PE!! My child excited about PE!!!! YIKES............well, they are playing soccer.