Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pink eye....No I don't mean a south park episode!!

So,'s not a cold in the eye!! Since we have never had pink eye I had no idea what look for...............Guess what?? It's pink eye! Poor Whitlee ~~~

Conjunctivitis (commonly called "pinkeye" in the USA and "Madras Eye" in India) is an inflammation of the conjunctiva (the outermost layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids), most commonly due to an allergic reaction or an infection (usually bacterial or viral).

I was able to get her into the doctor first thing in the morning and we started drops right away ~~ pink eye bye-bye:)

Brendan went to work with Jeff on Thursday -- it was "Take Your Child To Work Day" -- he came home SICK. He is feeling better now (thank goodness!!!!)

I basically haven't slept since Thursday ~~~ It's not looking good for tonight either!!
This morning was Brendan's Jamboree --- he had SO much fun!!! He is really enjoying sports.
Here are a few layouts I have done recently:

~~Template by Alice Naylor -- Kit by Playball ~ Mary Fran Nit Wit Designs~~

~~Template by Michelle Swadling -- Kit by Playball ~ Mary Fran Nit Wit Designs~~

~~Kit - CT Call Sampler by Weeds And Wildflowers~~

~~Template by Got Layers 4 05 ~ Template ~ Marcie Reckinger -- Kit Rain Drops And Daisies ~ Lena Brandenburg~~

~~Kit - Inital Box by Ake P, Paper - Fresh by Fernelli, Daisy - Rain Drops And Daisies ~ Lena Brandenburg, Flower and Ribbon by Papermoon~~

~~Template by Andrea Gold - Kit Rocker by Rocker ~ Tracy Drane~~

So, that's all for now -- I know I am forgetting something but I am so tired right now I can't even spell my own name!!! I'm going to try and catch a cap nap before Whitlee wakes up again!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I really did mean to come back and post. Here is a "condensed" version of our lives for the past 2 weeks.

Brendan's birthday was GREAT!!!! Jeff took the day off of work and we spent the ENTIRE day at Seattle Center. We went to the Pacific Science Center. There was a Grossology exhibit there and Brendan REALLY wanted to see it. It sucked -- well, it was geared toward kids from say 5-8ish -- so, it freaked out Whitlee and Brendan was bored. Luckily, there was a new exhibit about small animals that opened that day and there were pony rides:) I think I took 100-120 photos of Whitlee on the pony:) And there is always the butterfly house -- Brendan LOVES that so much -- I gave him my camera and let him go wild. Whitlee lasted about 5 minutes before she wanted to leave and go "pet" the cockroach again (ewwwww) so daddy took her. Brendan and I spent a good hour in the butterfly house. He got some really good shots. We went to dinner and then to what turned out to be the Thunderbirds last home game of the season. It was a nice day and there was no pain.

Brendan had his birthday party on the 14th -- it was a swimming party. I was kinda freaking out because a lot of people were out of town because of Spring Break. Never fear he had a bunch of kids there. I think everyone had a good time.

Brendan pain free pain free ----------- WHOOO HOOO!!!! School started on Monday. Brendan was scared -- really scared. How would the kids treat him -- I told him that I would be at home and to call if he needed to. He made it almost all day --- I picked him up and he rested. His head was back at a 5. While, I figured it would happen I was freaking out inside -- maybe the acupuncture wouldn't work --- what if what if what if what if what if...................he seemed to be doing better by the time it was time to leave for baseball --- he was really looking forward to playing. After practice he was in tears his head hurt so bad. He didn't go to school on Tuesday instead I took him to see Chris. BAM!!!! Brendan was all better. Wednesday he tried school again -- he made it almost all day I picked him up, his head was at a 5 and he slept for a couple of hours -- when he woke up he was at a 3 -- hum...............again we went to practice and again he was at a 7 after practice -- hum................I called Chris and left a message - Brendan didn't go to school on Thursday ------- no call back from Chris (hum...) So, unlike him. Well, he didn't call because he doesn't work on Thursdays. He called at 9:15 am on Friday --- I took the choir tickets up to school at noon and picked up Brendan. Pain level back to zero --- Friday night Brendan had his last performance with the choir for Evergreen Heights - it was so great!!!!

Today is Tuesday and he is at school -- he went yesterday and stayed ALL DAY!!! There was ball practice last night -- no pain -- we'll see how it goes.

I am off to install a new garbage disposal!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

11 years old......................

I'll be back

Saturday, April 07, 2007

....Happy Dance....Happy Dance.....


can you just feel it????

can I be any more neurotic???

can it be real???

can it be true???

can it make me anymore crazy???

Picture this my friends...............This is me (and Brendan) doing the happy dance ---Today was our 4th trip to see Mr. Chris -- have I mentioned how AWESOME he is??? He was pretty aggressive with Brendan's treatment today -- He had let Brendan know and stopped when Brendan felt discomfort --- When Brendan got off the table he was at a 2 --- A 2!!!!! It's the 4th appointment and my kid is down to a 2!!!! We went to Matthew's TBall game --- We went to the grocery store --- I noticed a spring in his step that hadn't been there before --- off the cuff I asked Brendan -- "Your head doesn't hurt at all does it?" Without missing a beat he said NO -- stopped turned around and looked at me and realized what he said......................NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN...................

Before I break out in the manic crazed Snoopy happy dance...

caution..................don't get over excited.............

Whatever ---- I'll take it:)

I can see clearly now the rain is gone..................

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun......

And I say it's all right

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter. Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here.

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun. And I say it's all right.

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces. Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here.

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun. And I say it's all right.

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes. Sun, sun, sun, here it comes. Sun, sun, sun, here it comes. Sun, sun, sun, here it comes. Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...............................

So, it has been more than 2 days it has actually been 5 days --- as always life is and has been crazy:) Isn't that just like life............

Brendan -- My sweet boy - he continues to improve (woot woot!!!)- she says in a whisper....His pain level is down to a 4(there was an acupuncture appointment yesterday). Today was Therapy message day and Friday is another acupuncture day. He is actually doing some homework right now..............Did I just type he was doing homework??? Why yes I did!!! I think that there may be some school in the near future..........Maybe not until after Spring Break which is next week - but soon....People have actually made mention of how he is looking better!! Ah.........a ray of sunshine..............just a peek.............a tiny little glimpse. Trying not to put all my eggs(hope) in a basket(acupuncture) but seriously I don't believe it is the medication. I am trying hard not to be a mother hen -- letting him push his boundaries where he can -- it is hard.

I know that each time you go through something it is a "learning" experience. But I have learned a lot -- I really am a mama bear protecting her cub(s). I have learned that people really do care about Brendan (and us). You know honestly care -- the no strings attached kind of we care about you because you are you. It is a strange concept for me -- battle scares and all. None the less I am grateful and I appreciate every single one!!!! I have learned that I should follow my "gut" regardless of what my "mind" is saying. I have learned that I will do anything -- absolutely anything to take care of my children - I always said that I would but know I know without a doubt I would. I have learned that it probably isn't a good idea to suck down a power Matcha Green Tea from Jamba Juice(man I love those!!!!!) with a burner boost in it 1 hour before you meet with a team of neurologists (it induces SCREAMING LOTS AND LOTS OF SCREAMING!!!)that is a lot of caffeine coursing through ones body at a time. I have learned that a 5/10 on the pain scale can bring tears of relief to a mother driving home in Friday night traffic. Here comes the sun...........................

Matthew (my nephew) had his first T-ball game last Friday -- is it obsessive that I took roughly 390 shots of just him??? I probably took 25-30 shots of Steven. So, in a one hour t-ball game I took about 420 shots. Is that obsessive??? It really doesn't matter --- I really don't care:) He is my nephew and I'll take a million shots if I need to:) :) :)THANK GOODNESS FOR DIGITAL!!!!! I came home and used a baseball plopper and made these of Steven and Matthew...............................

The plopper is from the kit Baseball by Debbie Pearson

I sent them to Steven and Sharlene -- they liked them -- Sharlene has them at her desk at work and Steven has them at his Pinnacle office and at the district. I am going to have them printed in the next Costco print I do. Steven managed to talk me into taking the at bat shot of each of his players - there are 12 kids on the team..........funny it seemed like there were about 20 on Friday --- I'll make a plopper for each family and then burn it to a disk for Steven -- he can print them or just email them to the parents.

Steven said something to Matthew tonight.....Something that took me back 21 years ago in the blink of an eye --- something that made me catch my breath --- something that can shake one to its core -- something that I never really spoken to anyone about before -- Something I didn't think he remembered....Tonight Matthew told Steven he was STARVING....Steven said "Buddy, you don't know what starving is." Bam just that fast I was back there -- in that place I thought I had left so far behind --- He told Matthew "Aunt Penny, Aunt Susie and I know what starving is" -- BAM -- we are huddled in the kitchen making a small envelope of powdered eggs and dividing it between the 3 of us ---- 2 bites just 2 bites a piece -- but it was food. Then he told Matthew -- "you know Aunt Penny use to work in a grocery store and she would bring home left over chicken so Aunt Susie and I would have something to eat". I didn't think he remembered that -- we certainly have never talked about it. They would just throw it away at the end of the night --- 20lbs of fried chicken each and every night --- Why throw it away --- There were mouths to feed..... How many nights did they eat chicken for dinner and then for breakfast and then for lunch --- food is food....

Anyway, that's an update on to finish the yearbook -- it is the bane of my existance but I will kick the crap out of this baby!!!!!!!!!!