Friday, March 30, 2007


Today officially is day 32...........and Brendan still has a migraine.........BUT instead of a 7/10 he is officially at a 5/10!!!! What do we have to thank for this??? The release of Happy Feet? The end of the month of March? The fact that I did 9 loads of laundry in one day? The fact that there is 7 days in the week? The fact that the month starts with an M? Karma? The yucky meds(I doubt it!)? A therapeutic massage (maybe)? A SUPER AWESOME Acupuncturist? Yeah! I think I'd go with the last with a sprinkle of the 2nd to last!!!!

This week we have only contacted the Neuro team twice!!! Those phone calls consisted of a lot of yelling and screaming on my part (she says hanging her head).

Today we went back and saw Mr. Chris. Before I forget here is his web site --- AMAZING & AWESOME!!

First, he did some cupping -
OK he did a LOT of cupping -- it didn't bother Brendan at all!!

Then he did some Acupuncture

On the back of Brendan's neck, his shoulders and his feet ---- Then he did some pressure point work. When Brendan got off that table he was down to a 5 ---- maybe I didn't make that clear enough HE WAS DOWN TO A 5!!!!!
When we left the office the hollow pain-filled look that has been in Brendan's eye since the migraine started -- that look was GONE!!! He is getting relief at the hands of this wonderful man!!
Brendan has 2 more appointments next week and 2 appointments at the massage therapists office. The hope is that maybe he can go to school on Thursday for a bit ---We'll see yet we are filled with cautious relief............cautious relief..............relief...........yet cautious...... Do I give any credit thus far to the Neuro team??? That is a loaded question - I guess I am grateful for the care at the hospital -- I am grateful that I know it isn't something life threatening -- Do I give them credit for the lower pain level? Ah...................NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!
I am off to work on the yearbook --- it is due in Kansas City on Monday --
I am outta here........................................ last thing -- someone close to us -- who reads this blog -- called Jeff this week -- this person has a HUGE week ahead of them next week -- GO KICK ASS!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Do you hear what I hear????


What is whiplash? Whiplash is a soft tissue injury to the neck. Whiplash is also called neck sprain or neck strain. It is characterized by a collection of symptoms that occur following damage to the neck, usually because of sudden extension and flexion. The disorder commonly occurs as the result of an automobile accident and may include injury to intervertebral joints, discs, and ligaments, cervical muscles, and nerve roots. Symptoms such as neck pain may be present directly after the injury or may be delayed for several days.

So, there was a lot of yelling with the whole "exhausted medical protocal" issue ---

Tuesday we went to Seattle for acupuncture ---- Christopher Huson (hue-son) is his name and he is located one block off of Broadway on Capitol Hill. He is AWESOME!!! After an exam of Brendan -- pressure points and muscle tightness -- He believes that Brendan is suffering from whiplash. Where did he get whiplash from???? The intertube ride from hell on our snow trip!! it was almost a month to the day that he developed the migraine. Chris said that it can sometimes take up to 4 months for symptoms to appear. Everyplace where Brendan had an issue is textbook whiplash.....................Can we have found an answer?? Really??? We are trying to not put all our hopes in this basket but maybe it is a start?
We have another appointment on Friday --
Whitlee finished her antibiotic today -- her earache is gone --
I am off to sleep......................................................

Monday, March 26, 2007

"Brendan has exhausted medical protocol"............

And that is what I heard from the Neuro's on Sunday.........Now what???? We wait for 2 weeks until the amitryptiline works...........if it works!!! And if it doesn't what do we do?? Try something else!! It will take at least 4 weeks for that one to work!!!

So, What did I do today??? Made yet ANOTHER eye appointment, Made a Chiro appointment, Made a massage appoinment, Called for hypnotherapy And left a message for an actupuncturist --------- Check, check, check, check, check...........

While having a meeting for Ginger and aking yearbook pictures. All this with MINIMAL caffine:)

Chiro - done, Massage - made and cancelled, hypnotherapy - left message acupuncture -- made appointment and eye exam tomorrow at 7:45. Oh yeah, I did scream at a Neurologist....she was a newbie to us but totally knew Brendan's chart!! I think if I would ever see her I would resemble this

I will stomp around the office yelling "I AM CORNHOLIO!!!!"
So, with that I will close!!! I'll update tomorrow on how the acupuncture went!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

No spinal --- no hospital stay!!!

Brendan is frustrated --- wouldn't you be??? He has no control over anything to do with his migraine -- He can't read -- it hurts his eyes, he can't be on the computer -- it hurts his eyes, he can't play video games -- it hurts his eyes, he can't do his homework -- it hurts his eyes, he can't go outside during the day -- it hurts his eyes. Yeah - I'd be pissed also!!! So, he has started obsessing -- not like OCD obsessing but obsession reigns supreme none the less...........AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...AR test....AR test....AR test...AR test...I have never missed an AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon --- I have never missed and AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon ---I have never missed an AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon --- I have never missed and AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon ---I have never missed an AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon --- I have never missed and AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon ---I have never missed an AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon --- I have never missed and AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon ---I have never missed an AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon --- I have never missed and AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon ---I have never missed an AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon --- I have never missed and AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon ---I have never missed an AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon --- I have never missed and AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon ---I have never missed an AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon --- I have never missed and AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon ---I have never missed an AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon --- I have never missed and AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon ---I have never missed an AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon --- I have never missed and AR goal --- the AR period is going to end soon --- Easily 15-20 times a day I hear this. I arranged to bring him to school and he could take a test in the library where it was dark -- either I could read him the questions and answers and let him pick or the someone else could. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO I want to take it MYSELF!!!!! I took him to school in the morning thank goodness it was overcast! He would not let anyone help him. His eyes were watering and I could tell how much it was hurting him but that son of mine --- He only missed one question and far surpassed his "goal" but it took him 2 hours before took the pillow off his eyes. Good move mommy??? The jury is still out on this one!!!!

So, Friday (yesterday) we had our "appointment" at Children's Neuro office. We started with Patti Murphy --- She worked Brendan over pretty well --- lots of questions, history, and exam. Brendan did really well the only part that he balked at was the light in the eye -- What the heck are they looking for I ask ---- just looking is what she said.............She tells Brendan Dr. Edwardson wants him to have a spinal tap. What is a spinal tap Brendan asks. She whips out her dry erase marker and proceeds to draw in great detail. And she walked out the door ---- hum.........not sure I like her so much any more. We explained to Brendan why they would want a spinal tap --- Next, Dr. Edwardson A.K.A. Dr. Doogie. I swear I have shoes older than he is. He put Brendan through the same exact exam as Patti did -- Why the light in the eye I ask....We're looking at the nerve he answers. He is young and he doesn't have any kind of bedside manner --- He told Brendan he had to go back to school full time on Monday and then left the room. Brendan burst into tears!!!!!!!!!!!! Brendan said he didn't think Dr. Doogie believed that his head really hurt. He was trying to figure out how he was suppose to go to school all day when he couldn't even do his homework in his room with the light off. Needless to say Dr. Doogie got banned from the exam room!!! Evidently, he was PISSED!!! Dr. Ferry and Dr. Coleman came in. Brendan was on the verge of a panic attack -- Dr. Ferry was good (even though he is a Red Sox fan!!!) And he put Brendan through the SAME exam that both Patti and Dr. Doogie did!!!! The only difference was that he really really took a long time checking Brendan's eyes. Tears were streaming down Brendan's face but he didn't' move a muscle!!!!! When I asked (in a rather angry mommy voice) why everyone kept shining that light in his eyes - because it was really hurting him. Dr. Ferry said -- It was to check the optical nerve -- swelling indicates infection. Since Brendan's optical nerve wasn't swollen there was no need for a spinal tap!!!!! Brendan must have asked Dr. Ferry 5 or 6 times in about 10 minutes "now, I don't have to have a spinal?" We didn't have to stay!!!!!! Brendan and I were SO HAPPY:) Then he mapped out a plan he wanted to try. Guess what....................2 new meds!!! This brings the number of medications Brendan has "tried" to a grand total of 14!!!!!!!!!!!!! These 2 meds have been shown to work when they have run the course of the "most used" protocol. Brendan takes them before bed and then if it is going to work he'll see a difference when he wakes up. GUESS WHAT?????? No change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called the on-call Neuro to Dr. Ferry would be updated -- want to guess who the on call Neuro was.............Dr. Doogie!!!!! I guess after Dr. Ferry and Dr. Coleman left our exam room they both went and had a little chatty mc chat chat with Dr. Doogie --- He couldn't apologize enough on the phone today. Dr. Ferry told Brendan that he wanted him to work on resuming his "normal" activities. But not to put pressure on himself because all that will do is make his head worse. So, we are looking at MAYBE Tuesday or Wednesday Maybe --- Dr. Edwardson is going to update the "team" and conference with Dr. Ferry in the morning -- then they will call. Now, we wait......................have I mentioned I am sick of waiting!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Big shock..........No change!!!!

500mg of Depekote and no one was surprised when Brendan woke up Tuesday morning and his head still hurt. Now we try and figure out if there is something else causing the migraine. His pain is back up to a 7/8 out of 10 and both noise and light bothered him today ---

So, let me just get a couple of things straight --- I would DO ANYTHING to bring relief to my child. Make no mistake getting rid of Brendan's migraine is my top priority. In the last 24 days (since technically it is DAY 24) this child has been poked, prodded, scanned, tapped, flipped upside down, adjusted, examined and poked some more. He has taken in the neighborhood of 300 pills AND has had an IV. He has had powerful lights shone in his eyes causing him to burst into tears. He has begged me not to take him back to the doctor. He has done each and every single thing that the Dr.'s (at last count there were 6 neurologists, 1 primary, 1 chiropractor, 2 nurses & 4 ER Dr.'s), his father or I have asked of him. He hasn't enjoyed it and we have not enjoyed having put him through what we have so far. But, alas the migraine is still here and we must get rid of it. Before I let ANYONE stick a needle into my child's spin I am going to make damn sure that I know exactly why they are doing it and what they hope to learn. In the last 48 hours I consulted with and gotten not one, not two but FOUR more opinions on this next step. Initially when Neuro #3 broached the subject of doing the spinal tap it made me panic --- immediately I pictured A) Brendan's reaction when he realizes what they are going to do with that needle and B) The fact that I have to look into his eyes and try and keep him calm while they do it when all I really would want to do is hold him and tell him I was working on making it better. But I won't even be able to do that -- he will have to lie flat for 6 hours to avoid having side effects -- oh yea so that means he also gets a catheter. After much research and discussion with Dr.'s WE are leaning towards agreeing to do this ---- do we want to put Brendan through this -- not on your life -- would we do it if we can figure out what the hell is hurting him. IN A FREAKING HEARTBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a mommy on the verge of a breakdown --- My child is hurting and I have not been able to take the pain away. Every single moment I am awake I am trying to figure out what avenue we haven't taken. Researching different medications - talking to different Dr.'s, hypnotherapists, acupuncturists and any tom, dick or harry who may have some information. Doing all this while busting my ass trying to give him comfort and keep his stress level to a minimum --- This is a child who loves school and hasn't been in 3 yes 3 weeks -- he can't even do the work that I have brought home for him. He can't even read to himself -- we read to him. There has been no break for him - none. I want my child back.

The singing, dancing smiling, joking 10 year old. The boy who thinks it funny to jump out and scare the crap out of whoever is walking down the hall. The little boy who is going to turn 11 in a couple of weeks. That boy ---

Are we frustrated -- you bet!! Are we going to do whatever we have to in order to relieve his pain -- you bet we are.

Morning will bring a new day -- and with finger's crossed some relief for Brendan. Whitlee is doing well -- Her ear infection seems to be getting better. She hasn't wet the bed in a week. It is SPRING and eventually we will get some sun (not that I have seen it lately). All will be good --- eventually -- we just have to get there.
That is my gut check for today --- I feel much better -- Started feeling like maybe I wasn't doing everything I could --- maybe getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep a day was to much. Tomorrow I am doing laundry --- I am cleaning out the van -- if Brendan can take it maybe we will try and walk around game farm park -- even if it is raining -- we have rain gear. And hey isn't Easter coming..................and his birthday -- maybe I'll design his birthday party invitations -- and I have to finish the yearbook for his school. Maybe we'll just take a walk --- just a walk -- if he is up to it -- I sure hope it is overcast.

I love my kids.........more than anything in the world ---- there isn't anything I wouldn't do for them.

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It's 1:15 a.m. I am off to shower!!!!! Thanks everyone for all your words of comfort and support for the kiddos -- I really can't tell you how much it means that you all love them as much as we do. Give us a buzz if you have a minute -- we'd love to hear from you!!!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Spinal tap.......................

Not to be confused with Spinal Tap...........

I would say "Are you freaking kidding me" but I realize that I have said that a lot lately!! So, Brendan's headache is worse -- a 7/8 more 8 out of 10. We were in Dr. Christopher's office today (AGAIN) but this time was because Whitlee woke up screaming -- her ear hurt --- "on the INSIDE mommy!!!!" Guess what...................she has an ear infection!! Cause we have nothing else going on!!! Anyhow Dr. Christopher was not happy to see that Brendan was still hurting --- he did give me the name of a medication that could help ease the pain. We saw Dr. Jex --- Everyone was adjusted --- and there were burritos all around....................I had left a message with the Neuro office -- because he was done with the steroid and there wasn't any relief. 5 O'clock came and went.............nothing..................6 O'clock came and 6:30 I was done waiting!!! I called the on-call Neuro and it was.........Dr. Edwardson -- poor guy I am so sure that he is SICK of hearing from me. Needless to say he discussed with the attending and this is the plan --- NO SCHOOL (Brendan was PISSED!) and no advil. 500 mg of Depekote in hopes that when he wakes up in the morning his headache will be gone (yeah right!!!) wait until Friday when he has his follow up from when he was IN the hospital and if his head isn't better..............A SPINAL TAP. If I wouldn't throw up I'd cry. So, tonight all night I will be crossing everything I have that when he wakes up in the morning he is pain free ---- pain free ---- pain free ---- pain free!!!
So, that is our life -------------------We will be taking a bag to the Dr. appointment on Friday just in case.
I'm off to puke

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Seems like 2 days will...................

be the average length of time between posts!!

Well, nothing has changed here --- Jeff went back to work -- in addition to everything that is going on with Brendan he is also dealing with the whole merger thing at work AND....March madness is upon us! I am so grateful that everything is now on the computer and we no longer have to score each entry by hand!!!! It is now as simple as a click of a couple of buttons and the scoring is done. Whitlee -- she is a bit out of sorts (can you blame her) -- She has went the bed a few time -- in the grand scheme of things a little pee pee is not a big deal!!! She had gymnastics yesterday (Friday) and was the only on in her class -- so, she got a private lesson with not one but two instructors -- Coach Amber didn't have a class so she joined us!! Whitlee was a little dynamo. Beams, Bars, Floor and lots of trampoline time. She was SO close to doing a complete cartwheel -- Coach Tami even asked if we were working on this stuff at home.....Ah yeah right --- on top of everything else I'm running her through "nastic" training:). She was so tired -- she took almost a 3 hour nap.

Brendan...............My sweet boy -- his head hurts so bad. The crappy thing is that he is getting use to his head hurting at a 6/7 --- he even read for about 30 minutes -- then his vision started to get blurry ---- PANIC PANIC PANIC --- I called the Neuro team and they said it was probably due to the reading. Can they do I frustrated beyond belief............YES............Do I plan on being the demanding in your face fix my kid mother at his "follow-up" on the 23rd HELL YES!!!! We are going to pick Jeff up on the way to the appointment. In case you ever need to know the Neuro department is on 6 Whale of Children's Hospital!! I am taking a packed bag just in case. There just simply has to be SOMETHING they can do right? Seriously -- there has to be something.
Well, I am off to Marlene's Market --- Maybe they have something for him -- who am I kidding maybe they have something for me!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

2's only been 2 days....

how many hours is that? 48.........seems like it should be 148!

Brendan migraine is worse --- he is back up to a 6/7 out of 10. Nothing seems to be working! I am frustrated and he is frustrated! We have an appointment on the 23rd at the Neuro office for a follow up to his stay in the hospital.

Yesterday (Wednesday) we paid a visit to school -- he was so focused on picking up his mail -- we lasted less than 10 minutes -- he just couldn't take the noise and the light. His classmates seemed happy to see him. They had some really nice cards that they made for him.... Husky colors -- he was thrilled!!!

I didn't go to my book club last night -- Brendan was worse. He decided he would really like some cheesy bite pizza -- do you know what that is? It's this.............

We stopped by Safeway to pick up yet more apple juice and Gatorade -- light blue please! Anyhow we ran into Mr. Chet -- Brendan's head hurt so bad he could look him in the eye to respond to his questions. He had some pizza (OK only one piece). We went over to the Latta's -- I was hoping maybe some diversionary tactics would help the pain in his head. Although he enjoyed seeing the boys is head was the same. So...........................back up to Children's we went. With a brief stop at the latte' stand we got to Children's at about 1ish -- Brendan was SO SO mad at me!! He certainly did NOT want to go up there and let me know --- FYI the emotional side effects from the steroid is WORKING!!!! Dr. Coleman (the ER Dr. not the Neuro) couldn't believe we were on day 17!! He quickly admitted that he was out of his area of comfort and called the on-call Neuro right away ---- Dr. Lee.............well, the best thing I can say is that she totally knew about Brendan's case --- they of course have been talking about him daily in rounds since last Friday! What it boiled down to was that there really wasn't anything that they could do --- He needs to complete the entire dose of the steroid and be on the Amitriptlyne (sp) for a week before we will notice anything..............WHAT????
Then, riddle me this Obi-wan........Why did the prescribing Neruo, the pharmacist, The ped and the peds nurse all say that he should notice some relief shortly after the 2nd dose of steroid......................While I quickly contemplated ripping off the ER Dr. head and spitting down his neck -- I realized the caffeine was getting the better of me. So, what did they want to do??? The same initial protocol that they do and did the 1st time we had been in last week -- an IV with benedryl and advil, adding something called Compazine...............................They wanted to WAKE up Brendan --- insert and IV into his arm -- give him medication that would do what??? Make him SLEEP!!!! Let him sleep for a few hours --- wake him up AGAIN to see if his head was still hurting -- but they weren't going to admit him..................................ah yeah, I told them NO WAY!!! Why put him through all that when I could just bring him home and let him sleep undisturbed in his own bed. That's what I did...........I brought him home and let him sleep. Jeff took today off -- I managed to fall asleep around 6/6:30 - Jeff realized how tired I was so he just let me sleep --- of course, he took a little nap himself:) Brendan's head still really SUCKS!!!! I am hoping for relief soon -- I am sure I'll be talking to the on-call Neuro tonight!!!

With that I think I'll go............I need to throw in some laundry and Whitlee NEEDS a bath!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You want to put him on WHAT????


According to Wikipedia................
Prednisone is a synthetic corticosteroid drug which is usually taken orally but can be delivered by intramuscular injection and can be used for a large number of different conditions. It has a mainly glucocorticoid effect. Prednisone is a prodrug that is converted by the liver into prednisolone, which is the active drug and also a steroid.

Side Effects............
depression, mania, or other psychiatric symptoms
unusual fatigue or weakness
blurred vision
abdominal pain
peptic ulcer
painful hips or shoulders
acne breakouts

weight gain and stretch marks
facial swelling
increased appetite
nerve disorder
coughing up blood

Again ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! Well, Last night I called the on-call Neuro again. The pain just isn't getting better it is getting worse. He is back up to a 6/7 out of 10 and that is what he was at when I took him in on Thursday. After some.............well, lets just say I had some "choice" words for the on call Neuro --- I think I freaked him out a bit. Whatever, that's his job right? So, he is on 60 mg tonight and tomorrow -- dropping down to 40 mg for 2 days and then 20 mg for the last 2 days.

He isn't going to school tomorrow -- it was "suggested" by Nuero #3 that if I had any qualms about it to keep him home so I can see how he reacts -- I am concerned about the whole MOOD thing -- he is already SO emotional and I don't want him to get overwhelmed at school and then have a breakdown in front of his friends. Anyhow -- He managed to do about 40 minutes of school work today before he was crying and just couldn't take it. If he goes on Thursday we may do 1/2 days Thursday and Friday............ He wants to go back to school SO BAD!!

He went with me tonight to pick up his meds -- I just thought it might be a good idea to get him out of the house - it was dark. So, we went and got his meds --- big surprise they shorted us one pill!! I have to go back in the morning to fix it. Then we went to Walmart to just walk around for a few minutes and of course get snacks!!! He lasted about 10 minutes before the lights really got to him.

I hope this steriod works............I'm tired of him hurting..............What is a normal life??????

And to top it all off............I MISS GREYS ANATOMY!!!!! Stop re-running episodes I NEED A NEW ONE!!!!!!

Before I go I know many have mentioned that they have been here to update about Brendan. THANK YOU!! Thank you for your emails -- to us and to Brendan. Thank you for your support. I really can't convey what it means to us!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Toto.............I don't think we're in Algona any more!!!

I'll be BACK..................................................

You’ve got to be kidding me right????
Are you freaking serious????
Today is Sunday???

Where has the time gone??? Oh yeah……………We were in the hospital bubble!!!!

Brendan’s migraine continued it was UGLY!! Thursday was filled with lots of emotions……..I had literally reached my wits end --- I didn’t think that you could actually do that but I now know you can. Brendan cried for 90% of the day --- not because his head hurt like hell – because it did but, because………...We were out of Honey Bunches of oats, He couldn’t reach the new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, The soap he uses in the shower was ½ full, It was March, It was Thursday, Up is up, Down is down, maybe even because people breathe……it really didn’t matter what it was it was overwhelming. He had had it I had had it --- we were both just done. By 8 p.m. I didn’t really care what they had to do I just wanted someone to stop his head from hurting – seriously how much is a 10 year old boy suppose to take??? I called the on-call doctor (not his primary). What it boiled down to was take him to the emergency room choice A) Valley choice 2) Children’s. My gut was telling me Children’s --- It kinda freaked me out because I am VERY loyal to Valley – I have always experience great care there and our doctors all have privileges there. The only time we have ever been to Children’s is to visit someone. So, I asked very bluntly – if he was your child where would you go?? Without any hesitation she said Children’s!! So, I basically threw him in the car – and off we went.

In a very short time I learned 2 things……………………………..

1) If I ever have to take one of my children to an emergency room I am going straight to Children’s.

2) If you have to take your child to an emergency room – take an extra pair of underwear and a bar of soap in your purse!!! You may just have to stay…………………….

Children’s ROCKS………………and I mean ROCKS!!!!!!!! From the instant we got there Brendan was totally taken care of!!! We were in the waiting room just long enough for me to fill out the paper work --- in a darkened corner and he had a towel over his eyes. From tri-age we went to the “new” part of the ER. Dr. Ben……….What can I say about him?? HE ROCKS!!! Of course he looks like he is about 12 years old. I can’t even recall how many times I thought of Doogie Howser while we were there!!! They gave him the once over and then plied him with blue Gatorade……..Once the I.V. was in they gave him some meds to try to give him some relief. Grandma and Grandpa arrived – he seemed to calm down a bit. Dr. Ben consulted the doogie neurologist – starting with an anti-nausea medication in the I.V. then 2 other meds – basically Advil and benedryl in a much higher dose than I had been giving him. It would knock him out. They wanted him to sleep for a few hours in emergency and then they would wake him to see how it felt. Grandma and Grandpa went home – I settled down to watch him sleep. Slow forward 2 hours --- Dr. Ben came in and tried to wake him…………….he really tried……..the result Brendan SCREAMED at him ---- “I want french fries and pickles!!” When Dr. Ben tried to ask him about the pain he just started crying and went back to sleep --- we admitted Brendan and were on our way to a room in less than 10 minutes. We met Ms. Brittney --- I am pretty sure her mom and dad drove her to work – she was about 4. We couldn’t have asked for better care for Brendan. He slept through the night --- peaceful sleep --- undisturbed sleep --- finally!!! Mommy quietly cried in the corner. Friday came with Grandma playing hooky from work and spending it in the single most uncomfortable chair ever invented!!! Brendan had an EKG to make sure his heart was functionally alright. Dr. Meg came to see him --- she was nice – loud but nice. Mr. Matt was the nurse who took care of Brendan during the day – what a great guy!!! He has 3 kids and one on the way so he treated Brendan with great great care. There was also a CAT scan --- neurologists came and went and came again. Brendan hated being in the hospital, hated the iv, hated the gown, hated the food, basically he was one pissed off 10 year old --- who could blame him!!!!!! Through it all he proved over and over how grown up he really is. I would have been throwing tantrum after tantrum!!! Grandma was there, Ms. Terri came up with goodies from the boys, Mrs. Gillaspy called every day for updates and sent him some awesome balloons!!, Daddy brought Whitlee and Ginger up, Aunt Christy called every day to check on him – she couldn’t come up because she was sick, Coach Doug called, Coach Grab called, Ms. Pat called, Emily called, Ms. Angie called --- there were LOTS of callsJ Coach Rick and his family came to visit (only to find we had already left!) We actually jumped off the freeway to meet up with them. I am very overwhelmed with the care shown for him. Anyhow, all in all he was a pretty good sport. We started a new medication Amitriptyline – it is suppose to prevent migraines ---- Brendan stayed another night to make sure he was ok on the medication. Again, he was pissed because they hooked him up to a heart monitor – I was SO pleased. Because I knew that “somebody” would be watching him 24 hours – I could relax a bit – maybe get some sleep. Saturday……it seems SO long ago yet it was only yesterday!!! Doctors in……….Doctors out………..Doctors back in……… A plan was formed and eventually they cut him loose!!! I have never seen him get dressed SO FAST!!! He even helped me pack up the mound of stuff we had gathered since Thursday!!! Home, rest, ice cream, water, such is the life of a 10 year old boy. Today he woke with no pain………….Did I type that right??? NO PAIN!!!!!!!!! I prepared to gather materials to build a monument to Children’s!!!! Glue – check, Staples – check, Rubber Cement – check, Brendan with a migraine headache – check…………….wait a minute…….what??? Did I just type Brendan with a migraine?? Yes – check. That damn thing is BACK!!!!! He struggled with it for the afternoon – begging me to go to school tomorrow --- we’ll see……….how many times have I said we’ll see………..The kid wants to go back to school and I want him to. Following the plan I have done what it said………Damn migraine is back up to between a 4 and 5. FREAKING OUT HERE!!! I called the neurology on-call – great guy Dr. Coleman!!! Gave me some great advice -- tweaked the plan – at least for tonight. Also, he told me the best time to call in Neuro office tomorrow!!! He said that he would probably be the one to see Brendan --- We may make him cookies!!!! Hell, I am still building a monument to Children’s!!!! They really take care of the patient AND the parents!!

So, my sweet son is off to bed – alas, there will be no school in the morning – per doctors orders (I wasn’t sending him once the migraine returned). Cross your fingers I think we will try on Tuesday!!!!

My child is home – he has so many people who love him!! He still has his migraine but it’s not a 7/10 only a 5ish. Tonight…….I may just may sleep……….who am I kidding!!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Migraines Today........Migraines Tomorrow............

We will have migraines FOREVER!!!
I was feeling pretty good today -- Brendan went to school and I didn't hear a peep..........Until 3 --- He was in the office. I'm not sure -- he had pain meds at 8:30 am. I am pretty sure what happened is that they just wore off and the pain got ahead of him. Plan of action -- IF he goes to school tomorrow I will go up at noon and give him some more pain meds. That way until we have our appointment on the 16th we can try and stay on top of it instead of playing catch up. Dr. prescribed Codine today --- it didn't do a thing --- So much for that -- I am looking into acupuncture.

Here are some layouts that I have done just not posted them yet (in no particular order)..........

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Kit - Snow much fun by Spellweaver

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Kit - Welcome Spring by Weeds and Wildflowers (recolored to match cake)

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Template by Michelle Swadling Kit by Ronnie McCray

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just when you think you have turned a corner.......

What do you call it???

Bad Luck?
Crappy Day or Week?
Spring Approaching?
A Reason To Re-prioritize?
Universal Kick In The Ass?
A Reason For Growth?
An Opportunity To Become MORE Neurotic? (is that possible?)

Just as the universe heard my sigh of relief and thanks Brendan's migraine returned -- Sunday afternoon filled with dread he came and asked me for medication -- I could have easily fallen apart right there. First, I was heartbroken that once again my child was in pain. Second, it was killing him to ask me for something. I am quite sure that his migraine had been back for most of the day before it got so bad he asked me. I could literally feel the panic clawing it's way up my throat. How could this be really the damn migraine was back -- are you serious? Does that really happen. I know NOTHING absolutely NOTHING about freaking migraines!!! Did you know it is "normal" for a migraine to last more than 24 hours? Did you know that if a "strong" painkiller is given that it doesn't touch the pain of the migraine?? It doesn't shut down those pain receptors in the brain. So, you'd be high with a migraine. How crappy is that. He swore that it got better. On his pain scale he kept saying 3 to 4 -- 3 to 4 -- 3 to 4. He managed to sleep. I managed to check on him every 15 minutes all night long. Feeling helpless just sends me over the edge. Now, factor in the whole being a parent and I was in hyperspace. When Brendan woke up on Monday morning he said that his head hurt but it wasn't bad and he WAS GOING TO SCHOOL!!! He said he'd call if it got bad -- I sent a not to his teacher and the school just to make sure that everyone was on the same page. All day I waited and waited and waited just knowing that he'd be calling. 3:15 came and there was no call -- I was SO GRATEFUL. He was at school all day. When I got to school the principal met me at my van. Brendan had come out to do crossing guard. She said that she took one look at him and sent him to his class until I got there -- she said that just looking at him she could tell how bad his head hurt. When he came out of his class he looked like Kenny from South Park.

He had worn an orange sweatshirt and it was pulled up over his head with just a small opening so he didn't run into walls. He was light sensitive -- I swear I was about one step away from a breakdown. What -- I carried my cell phone with me ALL DAY so I wouldn't miss a call. How did I miss it? Well, Fate or Karma or whatever you want to call it gave me another slap upside the head -- my son, is as stubborn as his mother - I can't even pretend to blame it on Jeff. No, the fact that he is as stubborn as a Brahma bull lies on my shoulders!!! He didn't want me to come and pick him up from school -- So, he waited until his head hurt so bad that he became light and noise sensitive. He said that he did go to the office but then realized that it was 3:10 and knew I would be arriving at school soon. I took him straight to the chiropractor in hopes that it was just him being out of alignment. Well, he was out but the migraine stayed!!! I called the Dr. office -- unfortunately since Dr. Christopher was on call all weekend he wasn't on call last night (Did I mention that we were at the chiropractor for an hour? -- he was making sure that he was doing all he could). The Dr. on call -- give him Advil and bring him in the office in the morning -- ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!! She also said that I should ask the pharmacist what was the proper dosage to give him ---- WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!! Aren't you the doctor?? Isn't that YOUR job to tell me what to give him?? I don't know.....maybe it's just me but HELLO!!! I told you how old he was and what he weighed -- shouldn't you be able to tell me!!! I went to the Super Walmart -- The pharmacist was AWESOME!!! He was such a big help. I left there feeling a bit better. I was able to get Brendan in with Dr. Christopher at 10 A. M. Dr. Christopher said that Brendan was on the lowest dose of Topamax at 25mg. So, we upped it to 25 in the morning and 25 at night. And...........well we were referred to a neurologist at Swedish -- CRAP!! Better safe than sorry I guess -- no, I know. I'd definitely rather them say --- nothing is wrong --- it's allergies --- than have it be something more serious. Brendan is NOT happy -- he and I had quite a talk when we left the doctor's office. I wanted him to know that it was OK for him to be angry. It was OK for him to be scared. It was OK for him to kick and scream in the car....and, while all this was OK -- the appointment was still happening. I called the specialist as soon as we got home (we should have done it last Friday instead of canceling it). When I explained to them what was going on and how long he had been dealing with this migraine -- the soonest they could get us in was...............Friday, March 16th at 8 A.M. That is........10 DAYS!! And they are SQUEEZING us in!! Whatever, I just want Brendan to get better.
Anyhow, I think Brendan is going to try school tomorrow if his head isn't hurting real bad -- YIKES!!!
I am off to work on the yearbook for Brendan's school -------- I am working on the kinder thru 5th grade page tonight. There were 19 kids out of the 47 5th graders that have been at EH from Kindergarten to 5th!! It's going to be a good page!!!!
Cunningham OUT:)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The day dawns.............and all is good in the world...

You know I have attempted many things in life. I have failed at many things in life. I have succeded in a few things in life. I have learned from each and every thing in life. And the result??? Life is good and I am one lucky hosebeast:)

Intentions are a funny and fickle thing - My INTENTION was to commit to blog on a consistant basis -- then........well, life happened. This last week was a great week and well it was a horrible week. This last week I experienced joys and I experienced terror and helplessness. I have learned from it all and I am humble and I am grateful.

In my last post I mentioned that we had taken Brendan to the doctor. On Tuesday morning Brendan woke up with the headache he developed Monday night. He didn't want migrane medicine - he said it wasn't that bad he just wanted a Tylenol. Off to school we went. I called Jeff on the way home -- I was concerned about Brendan's headaches -- he had 6 headaches in 7 days -- not good............Anyhow I was thinking I would see if I could piggyback Brendan in on Whitlee's 3 year well check. I got home cleaned out Brendan's heater (don't be impressed it only took 3 minutes) and called the doctor -- while I was on hold with the nurse the school beeped in -- it was 9:25 school had been in session for 15 minutes!!! Brendan was in the health room with a migraine and he felt like he was going to be sick. When the nurse came back on I told her I was on the way to pick him up from school and could I get him in that day. Dr. Christopher had never treated Brendan for migraines so, I was interested to see what he had to say. Brendan was concerned that since this was a new doctor to him he would have to go through that awful testing again. Dr. Christopher agreed with what we had been doing with Dr. Morse with one exception -- he said he would write a prescription for Brendan to take the tablet form of the migraine med instead of the nasal spray -- Brendan was THRILLED!!!!!!!!! So, off we went to the chiropractor in case he needed to be adjusted - he did but it didn't help.

She is drawing birthday cakes OF COURSE!!!!

Can you tell by his eyes how bad his head hurts..
We turned the lights off in the room after this.

Brendan didn't go back to school for the rest of the week. His migraine continued and there wasn't anything I could do -- He had never had a migraine that lasted for more than a day. To say I was scared would be such an understatement ---- By Friday I was a basket case and Brendan was pissed at me. He wanted to go to school but since it hurt to have the lights on or noise ---- school was OUT. In a panic I called the dr. again for the oh 20th time in 4 days --- Dr. Christopher is VERY pro-active. That being said he scared the crap out of me. Brendan has been through the mill -- poked, prodded, lights, no lights -- now instead of treating his migraine headaches once he has the migraine he is on a preventative medicine -- Topamax -- it is a seizure medicine but works great with adults and children in blocking pain receptors with migraines -- 2 hours after his first dose his migraine was gone.

Saturday was Whitlee's birthday party ----- She had a blast ---- and with that the week has ended -- the highs, the lows I am humble, I am grateful --- and the sun has set.