Saturday, March 17, 2007

Seems like 2 days will...................

be the average length of time between posts!!

Well, nothing has changed here --- Jeff went back to work -- in addition to everything that is going on with Brendan he is also dealing with the whole merger thing at work AND....March madness is upon us! I am so grateful that everything is now on the computer and we no longer have to score each entry by hand!!!! It is now as simple as a click of a couple of buttons and the scoring is done. Whitlee -- she is a bit out of sorts (can you blame her) -- She has went the bed a few time -- in the grand scheme of things a little pee pee is not a big deal!!! She had gymnastics yesterday (Friday) and was the only on in her class -- so, she got a private lesson with not one but two instructors -- Coach Amber didn't have a class so she joined us!! Whitlee was a little dynamo. Beams, Bars, Floor and lots of trampoline time. She was SO close to doing a complete cartwheel -- Coach Tami even asked if we were working on this stuff at home.....Ah yeah right --- on top of everything else I'm running her through "nastic" training:). She was so tired -- she took almost a 3 hour nap.

Brendan...............My sweet boy -- his head hurts so bad. The crappy thing is that he is getting use to his head hurting at a 6/7 --- he even read for about 30 minutes -- then his vision started to get blurry ---- PANIC PANIC PANIC --- I called the Neuro team and they said it was probably due to the reading. Can they do I frustrated beyond belief............YES............Do I plan on being the demanding in your face fix my kid mother at his "follow-up" on the 23rd HELL YES!!!! We are going to pick Jeff up on the way to the appointment. In case you ever need to know the Neuro department is on 6 Whale of Children's Hospital!! I am taking a packed bag just in case. There just simply has to be SOMETHING they can do right? Seriously -- there has to be something.
Well, I am off to Marlene's Market --- Maybe they have something for him -- who am I kidding maybe they have something for me!!!!!!!