Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just when you think you have turned a corner.......

What do you call it???

Bad Luck?
Crappy Day or Week?
Spring Approaching?
A Reason To Re-prioritize?
Universal Kick In The Ass?
A Reason For Growth?
An Opportunity To Become MORE Neurotic? (is that possible?)

Just as the universe heard my sigh of relief and thanks Brendan's migraine returned -- Sunday afternoon filled with dread he came and asked me for medication -- I could have easily fallen apart right there. First, I was heartbroken that once again my child was in pain. Second, it was killing him to ask me for something. I am quite sure that his migraine had been back for most of the day before it got so bad he asked me. I could literally feel the panic clawing it's way up my throat. How could this be really the damn migraine was back -- are you serious? Does that really happen. I know NOTHING absolutely NOTHING about freaking migraines!!! Did you know it is "normal" for a migraine to last more than 24 hours? Did you know that if a "strong" painkiller is given that it doesn't touch the pain of the migraine?? It doesn't shut down those pain receptors in the brain. So, you'd be high with a migraine. How crappy is that. He swore that it got better. On his pain scale he kept saying 3 to 4 -- 3 to 4 -- 3 to 4. He managed to sleep. I managed to check on him every 15 minutes all night long. Feeling helpless just sends me over the edge. Now, factor in the whole being a parent and I was in hyperspace. When Brendan woke up on Monday morning he said that his head hurt but it wasn't bad and he WAS GOING TO SCHOOL!!! He said he'd call if it got bad -- I sent a not to his teacher and the school just to make sure that everyone was on the same page. All day I waited and waited and waited just knowing that he'd be calling. 3:15 came and there was no call -- I was SO GRATEFUL. He was at school all day. When I got to school the principal met me at my van. Brendan had come out to do crossing guard. She said that she took one look at him and sent him to his class until I got there -- she said that just looking at him she could tell how bad his head hurt. When he came out of his class he looked like Kenny from South Park.

He had worn an orange sweatshirt and it was pulled up over his head with just a small opening so he didn't run into walls. He was light sensitive -- I swear I was about one step away from a breakdown. What -- I carried my cell phone with me ALL DAY so I wouldn't miss a call. How did I miss it? Well, Fate or Karma or whatever you want to call it gave me another slap upside the head -- my son, is as stubborn as his mother - I can't even pretend to blame it on Jeff. No, the fact that he is as stubborn as a Brahma bull lies on my shoulders!!! He didn't want me to come and pick him up from school -- So, he waited until his head hurt so bad that he became light and noise sensitive. He said that he did go to the office but then realized that it was 3:10 and knew I would be arriving at school soon. I took him straight to the chiropractor in hopes that it was just him being out of alignment. Well, he was out but the migraine stayed!!! I called the Dr. office -- unfortunately since Dr. Christopher was on call all weekend he wasn't on call last night (Did I mention that we were at the chiropractor for an hour? -- he was making sure that he was doing all he could). The Dr. on call -- give him Advil and bring him in the office in the morning -- ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!! She also said that I should ask the pharmacist what was the proper dosage to give him ---- WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!! Aren't you the doctor?? Isn't that YOUR job to tell me what to give him?? I don't know.....maybe it's just me but HELLO!!! I told you how old he was and what he weighed -- shouldn't you be able to tell me!!! I went to the Super Walmart -- The pharmacist was AWESOME!!! He was such a big help. I left there feeling a bit better. I was able to get Brendan in with Dr. Christopher at 10 A. M. Dr. Christopher said that Brendan was on the lowest dose of Topamax at 25mg. So, we upped it to 25 in the morning and 25 at night. And...........well we were referred to a neurologist at Swedish -- CRAP!! Better safe than sorry I guess -- no, I know. I'd definitely rather them say --- nothing is wrong --- it's allergies --- than have it be something more serious. Brendan is NOT happy -- he and I had quite a talk when we left the doctor's office. I wanted him to know that it was OK for him to be angry. It was OK for him to be scared. It was OK for him to kick and scream in the car....and, while all this was OK -- the appointment was still happening. I called the specialist as soon as we got home (we should have done it last Friday instead of canceling it). When I explained to them what was going on and how long he had been dealing with this migraine -- the soonest they could get us in was...............Friday, March 16th at 8 A.M. That is........10 DAYS!! And they are SQUEEZING us in!! Whatever, I just want Brendan to get better.
Anyhow, I think Brendan is going to try school tomorrow if his head isn't hurting real bad -- YIKES!!!
I am off to work on the yearbook for Brendan's school -------- I am working on the kinder thru 5th grade page tonight. There were 19 kids out of the 47 5th graders that have been at EH from Kindergarten to 5th!! It's going to be a good page!!!!
Cunningham OUT:)