Thursday, March 15, 2007

2's only been 2 days....

how many hours is that? 48.........seems like it should be 148!

Brendan migraine is worse --- he is back up to a 6/7 out of 10. Nothing seems to be working! I am frustrated and he is frustrated! We have an appointment on the 23rd at the Neuro office for a follow up to his stay in the hospital.

Yesterday (Wednesday) we paid a visit to school -- he was so focused on picking up his mail -- we lasted less than 10 minutes -- he just couldn't take the noise and the light. His classmates seemed happy to see him. They had some really nice cards that they made for him.... Husky colors -- he was thrilled!!!

I didn't go to my book club last night -- Brendan was worse. He decided he would really like some cheesy bite pizza -- do you know what that is? It's this.............

We stopped by Safeway to pick up yet more apple juice and Gatorade -- light blue please! Anyhow we ran into Mr. Chet -- Brendan's head hurt so bad he could look him in the eye to respond to his questions. He had some pizza (OK only one piece). We went over to the Latta's -- I was hoping maybe some diversionary tactics would help the pain in his head. Although he enjoyed seeing the boys is head was the same. So...........................back up to Children's we went. With a brief stop at the latte' stand we got to Children's at about 1ish -- Brendan was SO SO mad at me!! He certainly did NOT want to go up there and let me know --- FYI the emotional side effects from the steroid is WORKING!!!! Dr. Coleman (the ER Dr. not the Neuro) couldn't believe we were on day 17!! He quickly admitted that he was out of his area of comfort and called the on-call Neuro right away ---- Dr. Lee.............well, the best thing I can say is that she totally knew about Brendan's case --- they of course have been talking about him daily in rounds since last Friday! What it boiled down to was that there really wasn't anything that they could do --- He needs to complete the entire dose of the steroid and be on the Amitriptlyne (sp) for a week before we will notice anything..............WHAT????
Then, riddle me this Obi-wan........Why did the prescribing Neruo, the pharmacist, The ped and the peds nurse all say that he should notice some relief shortly after the 2nd dose of steroid......................While I quickly contemplated ripping off the ER Dr. head and spitting down his neck -- I realized the caffeine was getting the better of me. So, what did they want to do??? The same initial protocol that they do and did the 1st time we had been in last week -- an IV with benedryl and advil, adding something called Compazine...............................They wanted to WAKE up Brendan --- insert and IV into his arm -- give him medication that would do what??? Make him SLEEP!!!! Let him sleep for a few hours --- wake him up AGAIN to see if his head was still hurting -- but they weren't going to admit him..................................ah yeah, I told them NO WAY!!! Why put him through all that when I could just bring him home and let him sleep undisturbed in his own bed. That's what I did...........I brought him home and let him sleep. Jeff took today off -- I managed to fall asleep around 6/6:30 - Jeff realized how tired I was so he just let me sleep --- of course, he took a little nap himself:) Brendan's head still really SUCKS!!!! I am hoping for relief soon -- I am sure I'll be talking to the on-call Neuro tonight!!!

With that I think I'll go............I need to throw in some laundry and Whitlee NEEDS a bath!!!!


Christy said...

Just hang in there the best you can. Let me know if there is anything I can do, even if it to just take Whitlee for a couple of hours so you can get some rest. I don't want to leave her with anyone unless you have to but she may enjoy the time away from the house too. Give Brendan our love and support. We are here if any of you need anything!!!