Monday, March 26, 2007

"Brendan has exhausted medical protocol"............

And that is what I heard from the Neuro's on Sunday.........Now what???? We wait for 2 weeks until the amitryptiline works...........if it works!!! And if it doesn't what do we do?? Try something else!! It will take at least 4 weeks for that one to work!!!

So, What did I do today??? Made yet ANOTHER eye appointment, Made a Chiro appointment, Made a massage appoinment, Called for hypnotherapy And left a message for an actupuncturist --------- Check, check, check, check, check...........

While having a meeting for Ginger and aking yearbook pictures. All this with MINIMAL caffine:)

Chiro - done, Massage - made and cancelled, hypnotherapy - left message acupuncture -- made appointment and eye exam tomorrow at 7:45. Oh yeah, I did scream at a Neurologist....she was a newbie to us but totally knew Brendan's chart!! I think if I would ever see her I would resemble this

I will stomp around the office yelling "I AM CORNHOLIO!!!!"
So, with that I will close!!! I'll update tomorrow on how the acupuncture went!!!!


Christy said...

You are too funny!! I sure hope Brendan feels better. It broke my heart to hear he was hurting so bad after Christopher's party but he is stubborn just like his mama!!! Tell him we are thinking about him.