Sunday, March 11, 2007

Toto.............I don't think we're in Algona any more!!!

I'll be BACK..................................................

You’ve got to be kidding me right????
Are you freaking serious????
Today is Sunday???

Where has the time gone??? Oh yeah……………We were in the hospital bubble!!!!

Brendan’s migraine continued it was UGLY!! Thursday was filled with lots of emotions……..I had literally reached my wits end --- I didn’t think that you could actually do that but I now know you can. Brendan cried for 90% of the day --- not because his head hurt like hell – because it did but, because………...We were out of Honey Bunches of oats, He couldn’t reach the new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, The soap he uses in the shower was ½ full, It was March, It was Thursday, Up is up, Down is down, maybe even because people breathe……it really didn’t matter what it was it was overwhelming. He had had it I had had it --- we were both just done. By 8 p.m. I didn’t really care what they had to do I just wanted someone to stop his head from hurting – seriously how much is a 10 year old boy suppose to take??? I called the on-call doctor (not his primary). What it boiled down to was take him to the emergency room choice A) Valley choice 2) Children’s. My gut was telling me Children’s --- It kinda freaked me out because I am VERY loyal to Valley – I have always experience great care there and our doctors all have privileges there. The only time we have ever been to Children’s is to visit someone. So, I asked very bluntly – if he was your child where would you go?? Without any hesitation she said Children’s!! So, I basically threw him in the car – and off we went.

In a very short time I learned 2 things……………………………..

1) If I ever have to take one of my children to an emergency room I am going straight to Children’s.

2) If you have to take your child to an emergency room – take an extra pair of underwear and a bar of soap in your purse!!! You may just have to stay…………………….

Children’s ROCKS………………and I mean ROCKS!!!!!!!! From the instant we got there Brendan was totally taken care of!!! We were in the waiting room just long enough for me to fill out the paper work --- in a darkened corner and he had a towel over his eyes. From tri-age we went to the “new” part of the ER. Dr. Ben……….What can I say about him?? HE ROCKS!!! Of course he looks like he is about 12 years old. I can’t even recall how many times I thought of Doogie Howser while we were there!!! They gave him the once over and then plied him with blue Gatorade……..Once the I.V. was in they gave him some meds to try to give him some relief. Grandma and Grandpa arrived – he seemed to calm down a bit. Dr. Ben consulted the doogie neurologist – starting with an anti-nausea medication in the I.V. then 2 other meds – basically Advil and benedryl in a much higher dose than I had been giving him. It would knock him out. They wanted him to sleep for a few hours in emergency and then they would wake him to see how it felt. Grandma and Grandpa went home – I settled down to watch him sleep. Slow forward 2 hours --- Dr. Ben came in and tried to wake him…………….he really tried……..the result Brendan SCREAMED at him ---- “I want french fries and pickles!!” When Dr. Ben tried to ask him about the pain he just started crying and went back to sleep --- we admitted Brendan and were on our way to a room in less than 10 minutes. We met Ms. Brittney --- I am pretty sure her mom and dad drove her to work – she was about 4. We couldn’t have asked for better care for Brendan. He slept through the night --- peaceful sleep --- undisturbed sleep --- finally!!! Mommy quietly cried in the corner. Friday came with Grandma playing hooky from work and spending it in the single most uncomfortable chair ever invented!!! Brendan had an EKG to make sure his heart was functionally alright. Dr. Meg came to see him --- she was nice – loud but nice. Mr. Matt was the nurse who took care of Brendan during the day – what a great guy!!! He has 3 kids and one on the way so he treated Brendan with great great care. There was also a CAT scan --- neurologists came and went and came again. Brendan hated being in the hospital, hated the iv, hated the gown, hated the food, basically he was one pissed off 10 year old --- who could blame him!!!!!! Through it all he proved over and over how grown up he really is. I would have been throwing tantrum after tantrum!!! Grandma was there, Ms. Terri came up with goodies from the boys, Mrs. Gillaspy called every day for updates and sent him some awesome balloons!!, Daddy brought Whitlee and Ginger up, Aunt Christy called every day to check on him – she couldn’t come up because she was sick, Coach Doug called, Coach Grab called, Ms. Pat called, Emily called, Ms. Angie called --- there were LOTS of callsJ Coach Rick and his family came to visit (only to find we had already left!) We actually jumped off the freeway to meet up with them. I am very overwhelmed with the care shown for him. Anyhow, all in all he was a pretty good sport. We started a new medication Amitriptyline – it is suppose to prevent migraines ---- Brendan stayed another night to make sure he was ok on the medication. Again, he was pissed because they hooked him up to a heart monitor – I was SO pleased. Because I knew that “somebody” would be watching him 24 hours – I could relax a bit – maybe get some sleep. Saturday……it seems SO long ago yet it was only yesterday!!! Doctors in……….Doctors out………..Doctors back in……… A plan was formed and eventually they cut him loose!!! I have never seen him get dressed SO FAST!!! He even helped me pack up the mound of stuff we had gathered since Thursday!!! Home, rest, ice cream, water, such is the life of a 10 year old boy. Today he woke with no pain………….Did I type that right??? NO PAIN!!!!!!!!! I prepared to gather materials to build a monument to Children’s!!!! Glue – check, Staples – check, Rubber Cement – check, Brendan with a migraine headache – check…………….wait a minute…….what??? Did I just type Brendan with a migraine?? Yes – check. That damn thing is BACK!!!!! He struggled with it for the afternoon – begging me to go to school tomorrow --- we’ll see……….how many times have I said we’ll see………..The kid wants to go back to school and I want him to. Following the plan I have done what it said………Damn migraine is back up to between a 4 and 5. FREAKING OUT HERE!!! I called the neurology on-call – great guy Dr. Coleman!!! Gave me some great advice -- tweaked the plan – at least for tonight. Also, he told me the best time to call in Neuro office tomorrow!!! He said that he would probably be the one to see Brendan --- We may make him cookies!!!! Hell, I am still building a monument to Children’s!!!! They really take care of the patient AND the parents!!

So, my sweet son is off to bed – alas, there will be no school in the morning – per doctors orders (I wasn’t sending him once the migraine returned). Cross your fingers I think we will try on Tuesday!!!!

My child is home – he has so many people who love him!! He still has his migraine but it’s not a 7/10 only a 5ish. Tonight…….I may just may sleep……….who am I kidding!!!!