Sunday, March 04, 2007

The day dawns.............and all is good in the world...

You know I have attempted many things in life. I have failed at many things in life. I have succeded in a few things in life. I have learned from each and every thing in life. And the result??? Life is good and I am one lucky hosebeast:)

Intentions are a funny and fickle thing - My INTENTION was to commit to blog on a consistant basis -- then........well, life happened. This last week was a great week and well it was a horrible week. This last week I experienced joys and I experienced terror and helplessness. I have learned from it all and I am humble and I am grateful.

In my last post I mentioned that we had taken Brendan to the doctor. On Tuesday morning Brendan woke up with the headache he developed Monday night. He didn't want migrane medicine - he said it wasn't that bad he just wanted a Tylenol. Off to school we went. I called Jeff on the way home -- I was concerned about Brendan's headaches -- he had 6 headaches in 7 days -- not good............Anyhow I was thinking I would see if I could piggyback Brendan in on Whitlee's 3 year well check. I got home cleaned out Brendan's heater (don't be impressed it only took 3 minutes) and called the doctor -- while I was on hold with the nurse the school beeped in -- it was 9:25 school had been in session for 15 minutes!!! Brendan was in the health room with a migraine and he felt like he was going to be sick. When the nurse came back on I told her I was on the way to pick him up from school and could I get him in that day. Dr. Christopher had never treated Brendan for migraines so, I was interested to see what he had to say. Brendan was concerned that since this was a new doctor to him he would have to go through that awful testing again. Dr. Christopher agreed with what we had been doing with Dr. Morse with one exception -- he said he would write a prescription for Brendan to take the tablet form of the migraine med instead of the nasal spray -- Brendan was THRILLED!!!!!!!!! So, off we went to the chiropractor in case he needed to be adjusted - he did but it didn't help.

She is drawing birthday cakes OF COURSE!!!!

Can you tell by his eyes how bad his head hurts..
We turned the lights off in the room after this.

Brendan didn't go back to school for the rest of the week. His migraine continued and there wasn't anything I could do -- He had never had a migraine that lasted for more than a day. To say I was scared would be such an understatement ---- By Friday I was a basket case and Brendan was pissed at me. He wanted to go to school but since it hurt to have the lights on or noise ---- school was OUT. In a panic I called the dr. again for the oh 20th time in 4 days --- Dr. Christopher is VERY pro-active. That being said he scared the crap out of me. Brendan has been through the mill -- poked, prodded, lights, no lights -- now instead of treating his migraine headaches once he has the migraine he is on a preventative medicine -- Topamax -- it is a seizure medicine but works great with adults and children in blocking pain receptors with migraines -- 2 hours after his first dose his migraine was gone.

Saturday was Whitlee's birthday party ----- She had a blast ---- and with that the week has ended -- the highs, the lows I am humble, I am grateful --- and the sun has set.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Brendans problems, how awful for him! I hope the new treatment works for him!
I have missed talking with you, drop me a line when you get a chance!