Thursday, October 26, 2006

MOTHER #*&@%^$&#()@^!+

OK, maybe not that bad -- I have my beautiful wonderful laptop back............ah I missed her -- So, my grand idea that I KNEW what was wrong -- it just HAD to be the power port right -- why else would I be eating through power cords???? It was the MOTHER BOARD!!! $450 for the part -- I am LOVING the extended warranty more and more and more. I have spent today putting things back on that I had transferred to my external hard drive. I have a ton to blog but I need to put the finishing touches on my brothers announcements.

CUNNINGHAM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

5 days and I am still pouting!!!!!!!!!

Let me just say...........hello, my name is Stephanie and I am spoiled!!! I MISS MY LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!! I think Jeff is battered and bruised from trying to fight me for the computer -- I don't know who will be happier when the laptop returns him or me.

Let's see we have been BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!!

Brendan had an AMAZING and FANTASTIC soccer game yesterday ---- He played goal for the entire game. He pulled out all the stops in that game!!!! He made some great saves. One shot his coach thought it had gone in and was yelling "That's ok Brendan -- Shake it off buddy" One of the kids yelled "it didn't go in!!" His coach took off running down the field screaming "WAY TO GO BRENDAN!!" You could just see Brendan beaming. The best part --- WE WON THE GAME!!! So, they don't keep score but every single parent on the sideline knew what the score was. There were a couple of injuries on both sides but on for the other team really scared me. A little guy took a shot full on the side of the face right off the foot -- the poor kid didn't even know where he was -- I kept screaming "THAT BOY IS NOT OK!!!" I don't think he returned for the rest of the game. I have pictures and video but will upload them later.

Today Ginger had a Halloween Party at work -- I took the kiddos everyone had a blast!!!! Brendan won a cake in the cake walk -- He picked the one he liked the best and only realized when we were on the way home that it was chocolate!!! His response "Oh well at least it looks cool!!" You just have to love the mind of a 10 year old.

I think that is just about it for now. Brendan has a choir performance with the middle school and the high school tomorrow night.

AND............If you are interested in a Christmas wreath, garland, candy cane, swag, cross or center piece -- Brendan is selling them as a fundraiser to raise money to go to 5th grade camp.

Gotta run Whitlee is trying to convince Jeff she needs to eat the largest piece of cake!!!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

According to the dates.....................

it's been 4 days. Life has been busy as usual. I will try to update this daily -- I had to take my laptop in today and have some work done on it (SNIFF) They said it could take up to 2 weeks (Please someone pick me up off the floor from fainting!!!) That is the "usual" line although the person who helped me didn't seem to think that it would take that long. All I know is that Jeff is going to get tired of fighting me for computer time. So I am off for now I'll try and get back soon.

Friday, October 13, 2006

No school no schoo na na na na na na!!!!!!!!!

So, when did kids start getting so many dang days off??? School has been going for about 5 weeks and they have already had 2 days off! School wasn't like this when I was young (but then that was a long time ago).

This week has been SO SO SO busy (Mike - I haven't forgotten about you I will email you what I have done). Brendan had his volleyball tournament yesterday -- 6 15 minutes matches -- UNDEFEATED!!! They played well and most of all they had a BLAST! Brendan just loved it -- I took him to practice in the morning so I could take the "team" picture for the yearbook - he had crossing guard and then school all day -- volleyball and then as soon as it was over he had soccer practice! CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pulling the photos and video off my camera and will post some stuff soon.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Today is hump day........................................

that is so funny so me......hump day.......for whatever strange reason I always think of a speed bump. I am SUCH a spazz!!!!

This is a video of Brendan -- he went to a birthday party this past Sunday and it was an ice skating party -- HE LOVES TO ICE SKATE -- he wants to play hockey so darn bad but it is so expensive. He was so cold - I had told him to put on another shirt under his sweatshirt but he didn't want one - he said he would get overheated. And he didn't want to use gloves yet his hands were freezing. Ah.......pre-teen boys you have to love them:)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Secret Secret I've got a secret.............

OK, so it's not a secret anymore --- ready..............My brother Steven got engaged tonight!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited and happy for both Steven and Sharlene!! Like I have said before she is WONDERFUL!!! They are really happy:)

OK that is all for now I am working on some school stuff and then I am going to try and play with some pictures.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday Sunday Sunday.................

OK so there are a couple of things that I want to talk about --
Today Brendan had a soccer game -- HE PLAYED GREAT!!! They whole team did. He is so pumped at the end of the game or even practice for that matter. He says he doesn't want to play football in middle school he just wants to concentrate on soccer during the fall -- my son mr.couch potato -- mr. I don't want to go outside wants to continue to play soccer in the fall.

My friend who lost her grandmother is home -- Friday was a rough day -- We Christy and I were there to support her. It is so hard to see a friend in pain and know that there isn't anything that you can do to take away the pain. It was a beautiful service. I had a couple of really rough moments - I thought that I was coping with mom being gone ok -- not well but at least ok. I was wrong. The casket that they had picked out for my friends grandma was the same casket that we had chosen for mom. If Christy hadn't been there I would have hit the floor. It has hard because then of course I thought of Mima -- I miss her so very much -- She was such an amazing woman and life in general would be so vastly different if she were still here. My children would have a realtionship with their grandfather -- and I am fairly certain my dad wouldn't have said the horrible things he did or treat Brendan the way he did. Anyhow it was hard on Christy also -- it brought up some painful memories for her. Funerals in general SUCK -- I think that they should have an open bar during the serivce -- It sure would make things easier:)

Today (well, Saturday) was Matthews birthday party -- I love this kid -- The party was wonderful!! Steven has been seeing this great gal - Sharlene. Other than Matthew I really believe that she is the best thing that has happened to him. Her family is the best -- They aren't engaged (yet)but her parents and her whole family for that matter treat Matthew (and Steven) as part of their family -- It's tough you know...Matthew is part of Steven's "package" but her family treats Matthew like he was born into that family. Down to the "special" birthday dinner that the entire family attends and Sharlene's mom even made 2 yes that is right 2 birthday cakes for him. They are wonderful people and I am glad they are apart of my brother and my nephews life!!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

How short can it really be???

This is going to be a super short post -- I have been running about a million miles an hour today and tonight. Tomorrow after coffee with Gayman I am attending the funeral of my friends grandma -- my friend arrived yesterday and will be leaving town tomorrow night to be back for her daughters birthday party -- It will be hard tomorrow not because I was close to her grandma but seeing her in the pain that she is in and everytime I attend a funeral or memorial service it brings me back to mom's death. It's been almost 8 years and even though we didn't get along I still pick up the phone thinking "Oh, mom would love what Whitlee said" or "Mom would be so proud of Brendan". I hate death...........

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Greetings Space Cowboy.....................

So offically it is Wednesday - Tuesday is just a complete....nothing - not even a memory just a hazy lazy blur.

I was at the dentist from 8am to 2pm -- They drilled out 5 fillings that I had had for at least 25 years - they were mercury filings and evidently those aren't good for you as mercury not suppose to be in your mouth. They seeded my crown and then I had another root canal(I didn't know that was going to happen) - The good thing is......I FEEL GREAT!!!! There is NO pain at all -- well, that isn't true - my mouth is sore but not to the point where I had to take anything not even an asprin.

I have something to put out there..............OK I am selling something---well, not me actually Brendan. As you know Brendan is in 5th grade this year - every year the 5th graders do a fundraiser to earn money for 5th grade camp(it is in May). The cost of the 4 day camp is around $150 per student. So this year the 5th graders are selling holiday wreaths - that's right fa-la-la-la-la!! The prices range from $15 for a centerpiece with bow and candle to $85 for a 48 inch mixed wreath -- the wreaths start at $17 for a 20 inch. Anyhow, Brendan has to earn half of his way to camp. If you would are interested in a holiday decoration (wreath, candy cane, cross, garland, centerpiece or swag) please let me know he is selling them until November 3rd (so, this will be one of many please) and they will be delivered the first week of December. Ok that is my speel but remember I'll be back:)
School pictures were today - Brendan's should turn out nice -- The girls that were there taking the pictures were the best!!! They loved Whitlee -- she (Whitlee) even got her picture taken - I can't wait for them to come back.

I'm off I have to finish typing up the minutes from the last PTA meeting and do a newsletter:)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Rainy days and Monday's always............

bring me down..... OK, so it didn't rain but it is Monday -- The beginning of another week -- I have a dental appointment tomorrow - Luckily my family doesn't expect much of me tomorrow as I will be drugged out of my mind -- I won't remember a thing - literally. I should only be there for about 4 hours this time. So it should be a short visit:)

Jeff has the day off and so Whitlee said she was going to babysit him:) She said she wants 2 monies -- I think I'll make sure there is a "treat" for her. Taking care of daddy is a big job -- I am determined to teach him how to do a ponytail:) The thought of doing Whitlee's hair FREAKS him out -- He never had a problem combing Brendan's hair -- the only thing I can figure is that she is a girl. So, I am starting with ponys and working my way to braids (take a minute to form the mental picture of Jeff braiding Whitlee's hair -- now take a minute to giggle:))

OK, I am off -- I need to locate sweats for tomorrow and take a shower since I won't be in any condition tomorrow.

Oh wait one thing.........My crazy friend who jumped out of the plane -- You are my hero!!! You have a set of brass balls baby -- I could NEVER do that.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

October it is REALLY October!!!

Where oh where has the year gone??? only 86 more shopping days until CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

This year seems to just be flying by. Today was a lazy hazy fall day at the Cunningham house. Well, Ginger did have to work but she has the next 2 days off!!

OK - So, I've been busy -- here is a video I took of Brendan yesterday at his soccer game.

He really loves soccer and I am so glad!!!! I have been working on a soccer themed magazine cover -- I figure why pay the photographer $12 for one that I don't really like when I can make one that I will:)

My friend Jenel (I think she is CRAZY) jumped out of a plane yesterday -- LITERALLY -- and since she made it ok it looks like Jay is going to have to pay for her tattoo:)

Before I go -- A very close friend of mine lost her grandma this morning -- I have known this friend and her family for 20 years -- my heart is just breaking for them. Please keep them in your thoughts that they can find peace in this sad time. Thanks