Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday Sunday Sunday.................

OK so there are a couple of things that I want to talk about --
Today Brendan had a soccer game -- HE PLAYED GREAT!!! They whole team did. He is so pumped at the end of the game or even practice for that matter. He says he doesn't want to play football in middle school he just wants to concentrate on soccer during the fall -- my son mr.couch potato -- mr. I don't want to go outside wants to continue to play soccer in the fall.

My friend who lost her grandmother is home -- Friday was a rough day -- We Christy and I were there to support her. It is so hard to see a friend in pain and know that there isn't anything that you can do to take away the pain. It was a beautiful service. I had a couple of really rough moments - I thought that I was coping with mom being gone ok -- not well but at least ok. I was wrong. The casket that they had picked out for my friends grandma was the same casket that we had chosen for mom. If Christy hadn't been there I would have hit the floor. It has hard because then of course I thought of Mima -- I miss her so very much -- She was such an amazing woman and life in general would be so vastly different if she were still here. My children would have a realtionship with their grandfather -- and I am fairly certain my dad wouldn't have said the horrible things he did or treat Brendan the way he did. Anyhow it was hard on Christy also -- it brought up some painful memories for her. Funerals in general SUCK -- I think that they should have an open bar during the serivce -- It sure would make things easier:)

Today (well, Saturday) was Matthews birthday party -- I love this kid -- The party was wonderful!! Steven has been seeing this great gal - Sharlene. Other than Matthew I really believe that she is the best thing that has happened to him. Her family is the best -- They aren't engaged (yet)but her parents and her whole family for that matter treat Matthew (and Steven) as part of their family -- It's tough you know...Matthew is part of Steven's "package" but her family treats Matthew like he was born into that family. Down to the "special" birthday dinner that the entire family attends and Sharlene's mom even made 2 yes that is right 2 birthday cakes for him. They are wonderful people and I am glad they are apart of my brother and my nephews life!!!!


Christy said...

We got thru the day didn't we. It's a new week and hopefully only good things to come.