Sunday, October 22, 2006

5 days and I am still pouting!!!!!!!!!

Let me just say...........hello, my name is Stephanie and I am spoiled!!! I MISS MY LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!! I think Jeff is battered and bruised from trying to fight me for the computer -- I don't know who will be happier when the laptop returns him or me.

Let's see we have been BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!!

Brendan had an AMAZING and FANTASTIC soccer game yesterday ---- He played goal for the entire game. He pulled out all the stops in that game!!!! He made some great saves. One shot his coach thought it had gone in and was yelling "That's ok Brendan -- Shake it off buddy" One of the kids yelled "it didn't go in!!" His coach took off running down the field screaming "WAY TO GO BRENDAN!!" You could just see Brendan beaming. The best part --- WE WON THE GAME!!! So, they don't keep score but every single parent on the sideline knew what the score was. There were a couple of injuries on both sides but on for the other team really scared me. A little guy took a shot full on the side of the face right off the foot -- the poor kid didn't even know where he was -- I kept screaming "THAT BOY IS NOT OK!!!" I don't think he returned for the rest of the game. I have pictures and video but will upload them later.

Today Ginger had a Halloween Party at work -- I took the kiddos everyone had a blast!!!! Brendan won a cake in the cake walk -- He picked the one he liked the best and only realized when we were on the way home that it was chocolate!!! His response "Oh well at least it looks cool!!" You just have to love the mind of a 10 year old.

I think that is just about it for now. Brendan has a choir performance with the middle school and the high school tomorrow night.

AND............If you are interested in a Christmas wreath, garland, candy cane, swag, cross or center piece -- Brendan is selling them as a fundraiser to raise money to go to 5th grade camp.

Gotta run Whitlee is trying to convince Jeff she needs to eat the largest piece of cake!!!!!