Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Willy Wonka????..............

I forgot to add the Sunday evening entertainment!!!

Home.................Funk and all:)

We are home and I am de-funkafied...................a great weekend was had by the "fresh meat" clan.........I am TIRED --- So, I'll be back later:) I have a LONG blog and photos including some ompa lompa footage:)

Ok Here I am!!! We had an experience on Sunday and I had to blog about it then --- I didn't have internet access to I waited to post it now -- pictures and permission to mention them was granted by the football freaks!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2007

So, I wasn’t going to blog until I got home but I in the need to process today so, I am blogging to work out my feelings and so I don’t become a neurotic mess…………

First, let me say that the football freaks ROCK SO HARD!!!!! Since we really only knew one of the five families attending I must admit I was a bit apprehensive --- I don’t do well in “crowds” I did have the opportunity to meet 2 of the other families at the Latta’s Ho Ho Ho party – it really did help put my mind at ease.

We left home Friday night on our way to Gary and Gloria’s new house. The kids were excited to see grandpa, Abuela and of course Brittney!!!! After a quick visit we were on our way to meet the Latta clan for a meal of Mongolian goodness…………

Evidently Gresham has a different outlook on the Mongolian spread……no shrimp (sorry Doug)……no salmon (sorry Jeffie) and not nearly enough cilantro for my taste!!! But after a lesson in writing ones name in plum sauce on the rice wraps, and getting pictures taken with it, many, many dishes of ice cream for Kaden – we were off to the snowy mountain of Mt. Hood.

There was chicken disappointment at the Welches Thriftway – I still think Terri should have kicked the crap out of them for remodeling!!! There was much laughter at the local Welches coffee shop “Java the Hut!” and we were off to the “cabin”.

We were about 5 miles from our destination when the roads started getting bad so we pulled off to install the wonderful set of chains!!! Have you ever seen a grown man cry over putting chains on a mini van?? Jeff was on the verge!!! Doug came over to lend a hand and before you knew it, we were on our way! Luckily we were following the Latta Clan, or we would never have found our destination. The snow had blown over the signs to make reading them impossible.

The cabin was beautiful and spacious enough for all 5 families. We picked a room downstairs of course next to the Latta’s as the boy cannot stand to be separated. Can I just say that these 5 families mesh well. That is such a simple statement but it is oh so true. We were part of the evening meal so I decided to make comfort food – I made some clam chowder. I didn’t think it was very good, but Jeff said I was just being critical, and that it was really good.

The boys simply COULD NOT wait to take part in the Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament. First, they divided the box of cards – each boy ended up getting 6 packages of cards. It was a double elimination tournament. The standings ended up being Vance in 4th place, Kaden 3rd place, Blake in 2nd and Brendan took first – the grand prize was a structure deck called “Machine Revolt”. Since he already had the deck, he promptly traded the deck to Blake for Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer. He said it was a really good card. The evening progressed and Whitlee hit the wall, so off to the bedroom I went, leaving Jeff and Brendan getting ready to “kick ass” playing poker –

At some point Whitlee nodded off and since she was asleep, I lay there convinced she wouldn’t wake up. I nodded off myself (since she didn’t allow me to sleep the night before). Much to my sincere amazement, I discovered that she woke up – she decided to go upstairs and tell Mrs. Latta that her mommy sent her up for 2 Twinkies and some juice. Yeah, cause mommy was craving Twinkies (RIGHT………).
The remainder of the Cunningham family came to bed somewhere around 2 A.M. – Brendan didn’t win any money at poker, but managed to outlast Coach Doug! Jeff came in 2nd and won $15 – So, I got my $10 that I fronted for the buy in. The family slept until about 10ish and then we were up. Sheri made French toast and Hellmans provided eggs and cut up fruit.

Not nearly enough coffee...

Pool picking.....
pool picking.....

pool picking.........
pool picking.........

There was laughter and football pools to enter – The Hellman’s did the Bears/Saints game……We ALMOST won that one! The Parshall’s who I have been assured are big cheater-heads, won by one, yes one, tie breaking point!!! The mighty Garcia family won the Colts/Patriots pool.

Much to the Hellman chagrin, the Parshall’s Colts won the game making them the Football Freak 2007 winning family. What did they win………braggin’ rights for the next year, ownership of the penthouse suite, their cut of the snow weekend money back, names engraved on the mighty trophy, and all the glory we can muster………AAAAAAAHHHHHH they are truly the champions, and I could be really happy for them, but alas, they are Cougs!!

We took the kids sledding – they couldn’t wait!!!









Even Jeff went down

We found a run really close to the cabin. Mr. Jon Garcia became the “bumper” at the bottom of the hill preventing the kids from doing a “Sonny Bono” with the tree --- all was well, and fast,

Thank You Mr. Jon for saving our lives!!!!!

and after almost 2 hours Brendan decided to take our double inner-tube(the death tube) down the run………to say that he reached mach speed would have been an understatement –

(this is at the start of the ride -- see smiles!!!)

Me - dropping my camera getting to Brendan

Some said they actually heard him breaking the sound barrier…Jon made a diving roll save as Brendan careened around the "Sonny Bono" tree and the metal trailer of death…I felt my heart stop beating and I believe that time actually stood still as I watched my first born disappear about 6 feet down into a ravine with about 3 inches of ice cold water……What stopped him were the slats from the wooden fence. Jon managed to hit warp speed getting to him. Brendan made it about half way up the 6 feet or so of the ravine when he started saying his back hurt. Jon held him in place and Jeff and I got him the rest of the way up. He was so scared…..who am I kidding we were all scared!!!! Thank you Mr. Jon for saving our lives!!!!!!!!!Jeff got him back to the cabin as I quickly collected Whitlee and ran/drug her back so I could check over every single inch of Brendan’s body. By the time we got him back inside and got his clothes off him he was shaking like a leaf. I checked him over and he said his hip hurt. I wrapped him in blankets gave him a Tylenol and just held onto him telling him he was safe. He was scared ok terrified more than anything else. Thank goodness!! I have never been so scared in my entire life!!!! I was holding it together until Terri asked if I was ok and then I promptly fell apart!! I don’t think my heart started beating for at least 20 minutes!

Doug due to the fact he picked the losing team was in charge of cooking the dinner.
He made his specialty meal of Turkey, stuffing, smashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole and corn (not to be confused with Korn). Whitlee was thrilled – Coach Doug gave her a turkey leg!!!! Even though he had previously given the warning that it was nothing it really was good. Whitlee promptly fell asleep on the dinner table and a large puddle of drool followed. She must have slept for 2 hours. As soon as the adrenaline wore off and Brendan had some time to deal with what happened he was fine. Before we knew it he was playing Star Wars with the boys and running up and down the stairs. And all is well in Cunningham land……...and scene:)

Notice the puddle of drool

Never one to pass up an opportunity

She woke up for the chocolate fountain!!

Kaden lost a tooth!!

This is how a family of 4 sleeps in 2 twin beds pushed together:)

Tomorrow, we will take another run at sledding – getting in some fun before we head home to the pinewood derby. I am off to separate the funky clothes from the clean ones, pack our stuff up, and then hose Whitlee off in the laundry sink downstairs. Thus far the snow weekend has been awesome!

Friday, January 19, 2007


have you ever had one of those moments??? You know the ones --- the giant light bulb appears above your head the universe aligns and the fates open your book to a page and you say "AH HA!!!" I have had one of those moments...........I have been BLUE you know having a hard time getting through the day......tired......ok I have been depressed. I chalked it up to the holidays and the anniversary of mom's death is next week. While packing for the snow trip that we are leaving on tomorrow I had my most recent Ah Ha moment..............I've been trying to shake it off you know really trying but just couldn't............I'm packing Whitlee's stuff and it hits me - 3 years ago Steve flew to California because dad was in the hospital and it didn't look good. I couldn't go because I was SO SO pregnant with Whitters. Dad was on life support and it didn't look good. They told us to brace ourselves. Steve took care of everything keeping the stress off of me and keeping me out of premature labor. Then we all converged in California - Rick, Me, Steven and Susie along with Auntie Kim and Auntie Sue -- Coja, Amber and Johnny -- we were all there!!!! He was off the vent when Jeff and I arrived -- they don't know why but he made it against all odds he was sitting up and breathing and talking and joking. And then things went so strange -- so awful. It's amazing looking back hindsight really is 20/20!!! To be verbally attacked by someone you blindly trust -- such awful things were said to us and we didn't do anything to deserve any of it. Rose-colored glasses shattered - I miss Mima ever much -- I think about her almost daily - it would be interesting to see how things would be...........she wasn't as "blind" or "unaware" as some believed -- I can't even remember how many hours she and I spent on the phone probably the last 6 or so months of her life!!! We talked about A LOT!!!! She would have loved Whitlee so much and yet she would NEVER have ignored Brendan - she would have NEVER made him cry - she would have NEVER broken his heart. She would have never!!!! I guess we really do reap what we sow ----- Karma really has a way of taking care of its own.......My children are what I breathe for each day each minute each second - I would never I could never say what was said to us. Grandchildren are a gift - to hurt one to make one cry. Brendan occasionally talks to me about that night at the restraunt -- I don't know what to tell him. I absolutely REFUSE to make excuses -- yet I don't want to cause him pain..................Sometimes I hate being a grown up.

Since, I have had my Ah Ha moment -- maybe the blues will lift -- maybe this year moms death won't be so hard -- maybe I can start doing cycles!!!!

For now, I am off to pack because we are off to the snow.................like we haven't had enough right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007


This is what Brendan has been doing for the past 2 days............

He LOVES LOVES LOVES sledding!!!!! I think it was a great warm up to our upcoming snow trip!!!!!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Where the hell is Ensbrook, Austria???????????

Have you ever felt that way???? And if you are a fan of stripes or Bill Murray you are currently giggling!!!!!!!!!!

2nd day of NO SCHOOL -- ice is everywhere. We tried to go up to the school area yesterday -- NO GO! Jeff we made it about 3/4th of the way up the hill and then Jeff backed down the whole thing -- I thought we would be killed!!!!! Now Brendan doesn't go back to school until Tuesday as Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. day - that makes it a 5 day weekend of course Brendan is THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Miss Whitlee has a new favorite song........Lynard Skynard will be so very proud!!! Sweet Home Alabama is the current favorite of the 2 year old set...........Here is Whitlee singing the only part she knows.........How old do you have to be to get on American Idol????

This is a video of Whitlee's 2nd gymnastics class --- her last class was cancelled because of the snow. They go on the school district schedule.

I'm off I'll have more later --- Brendan is singing the Anthem at the Husky Women's Basketball game!!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Snow Snow Snow!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it!!! We actually have snow at our house --- I am talkin real snow -- Usually when it snows in the area we usually get only a dusting or nothing at all. In 1 hour we got 4 inches of snow!!! It's 9:30 p.m. and it had been snowing for 2 hours and we have at least 6 inches!!!! It is INSANE. The kids are loving it!!!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

It really has been 4 days!!!

So, it really has!!
Life has been busy -- I am on for just a second but wanted to blog about JC. JC is my godson -- what a label - he is family. I took Jeff to his moms so he could get his car last night - as we were pulling in the driveway I get a text message from Christy - she is sitting in the ER waiting room in Auburn JC had an accident on his bike. I couldn't get there fast enough! I knew that she was freaking out but being strong for him. He ended up with 3 internal stitches and 6 staples. I am so grateful that there wasn't more damage than that. Christy was SO pale when they came out from the room he was in. I was really proud of her. She is a strong person she just doesn't realize it!!!

I'll be back later with more of an update.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hey look mom I'm a scum angel:)

16 days and counting.........The snow trip is looming large ahead of us. The kids are SO SO SO excited - I guess I am also - I just can't wait to see the enjoyment on their faces. It should come as no surprise that Whitlee LOVES the movie Finding Nemo -- in the movie the fish tank is all grossed out and the star fish says "Hey, I'm a scum angel!!!!" Whitlee thinks that this is just the funniest thing. She doesn't know of or has ever seen a snow angel --- I can just picture the video now --- Whitlee laying in the snow yelling -- "Hey mom I'm a scum angel!!!!!" I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Also, I can't wait to take pictures of Brendan in a snowball fight -- he can't wait. I wonder how much hot chocolate we will go through that weekend? Is it possible to od on hot chocolate??? I may have to take some apple cider, whip cream and carmel so I can make Brendan Carmel Apple Ciders -- he prefers them to hot chocolate.

So, what the heck do we need on a snow trip????
Snow boots --- Me (check) Whitlee (check) Brendan (needed) Jeff (needed)
Snowsuits/jackets - Me (check) Jeff (check) Brendan (check) Whitlee (check)
Gloves/Mittens - Me (check) Jeff (check) Brendan (check) Whitlee (check)
Hats - Me (check) Jeff (says baseball caps will do) Brendan (check) Whitlee (check)
A ton of warm clothes (Check - entire family)

I think that we may just have it covered -- who am I kidding I have no idea what we need! I just hope that I can figure out part of what so my kids don't catch their the death of cold. I'm not sure how the whole food thing boils down yet --- I'll have to get on that soon.

I have actually posted 2 days in a row ----- dare I call it a streak??? Nah!!!!!!

Christy started college today -- I talked to her this morning before her class - she was excited yet nervous. She sounded a bit worried after she found out about how much work is involved but I know she can do it!

Brendan went back to school today - he was SO TIRED!!! It shouldn't take him long to get in the swing of things. He should find out tomorrow if he made the choir or not. Saturday the 15th is the choir singing at the Husky Women's Basketball game - February is a Seattle Thunderbird game and then a Tacoma Rainier game and a Seattle Mariner game.

So Friday is Whitlee's 2nd gymnastic lesson -- she sure does love them. Each time I watch her little video on the long trampoline I can't help but to giggle.

I guess that is all for now I have about a billion loads of laundry to do..................................

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 Can it be?!?!?!?!?

Really.....................Well, according to my calendar it really really is 2007 - wow!!!

This year Whitlee will turn 3 --------- 3 years old, 1095 days What wonder will the new year bring?? What will she discover?? How will her personality develop? Will her favorite color change? Will she still like Dora and The Backyardagians?? Will she continue in gymnastics? What happened to that little tiny baby I brought home?

This year Brendan will turn 11 ----------- 11 years old, 4015 days What will this new year bring? Will he LOVE baseball as much as last year? Will he love 5th grade camp? Will his voracious appetite for reading continue? Will he like middle school come the fall? How will he grow and mature?? What happened to that little tiny baby I brought home?

2007 will be a good year!!!!

What adventures it will hold for us and you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 days until we leave for our snow weekend ------------ WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO