Sunday, January 07, 2007

It really has been 4 days!!!

So, it really has!!
Life has been busy -- I am on for just a second but wanted to blog about JC. JC is my godson -- what a label - he is family. I took Jeff to his moms so he could get his car last night - as we were pulling in the driveway I get a text message from Christy - she is sitting in the ER waiting room in Auburn JC had an accident on his bike. I couldn't get there fast enough! I knew that she was freaking out but being strong for him. He ended up with 3 internal stitches and 6 staples. I am so grateful that there wasn't more damage than that. Christy was SO pale when they came out from the room he was in. I was really proud of her. She is a strong person she just doesn't realize it!!!

I'll be back later with more of an update.


Christy said...

I am sure glad you think I am strong because I didn't do so well at the hospital. Thanks for the support. I really needed it!