Monday, January 28, 2008

Tough Love

I got this email today -------- LOVE IT!
Tough Love vs. Spanking ~ (a psychological conundrum) It seems that these days most Americans think it is improper to spank children, so over the years I tried other methods to control my kids when they had one of 'those moments.' One that I found effective is for me to just take the child for a car ride and talk. They usually calm down and stop misbehaving after our car ride together. This worked so well for my children that I now use the method on my grandchildren. I've included a photo below of one of my sessions with my grandson, in case you would like to use the technique. Sincerely, A Friend

lots going on:)

This last week has been such a busy busy week --- I don't have much time for an update right down - Today is a day off for Brendan -- the quarter/semester ended on Friday and the teachers are using today to make sure all the grades are in and everything is ready for those dreaded report cards. Also, it snowed overnight and I can't wait for the kiddos to wake up so we can go play.......well, the kids can play and I can take pictures:)

I'll be back.............

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

George Carlin never fails to make me laugh!!!!

You know I try and find fun and creative things as presents for Jeff. This year the kiddos and I got him a George Carlin desktop calendar (cause he needs 2 calendars at his desk!). Each day has a little saying or quip from none other than the man himself. Now, while I find him FUNNY he (George Carlin) never ceases to make Jeff roll on the floor with laughter!!!

The following is the observence from Thursday, January 17th:

"I had an interesting morning; I got into an argument with my Rice Krispies. I distinctly heard, "Snap, crackle, f*ck you!" I'm not sure which one of them said it; I was reaching for the artifical sweetener at the time and not looking directly into the bowl."


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day One Down......

There are a ton of people here but everyone is having SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I've taken about 500 pictures already and I have only begun:)

I'll be back to post more later --- Pictures may have to wait until Monday afternoon --- Internet access is picky at best!!!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

This is how the conversation goes:

Me: Whitlee Jane -- I need to talk to you......
WJ: Mommy, I need a second........
(20 minutes pass)
Me: Whitlee Jane -- I need to talk to you........
(with grunts, groans and giant sighs.............)
Me: I'm doing your year page for your scrapbook and I need to ask a couple of questions.
WJ: Can you make it fast because I want a rice crispy treat
Me: I'll do what I can


Me: How old are you?
Me: What is your favorite color?
WJ: Hello!!! Do you know me? it's PINK!!!!
Me: What is your favorite number?
WJ: B...really it's B Mommy
Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
WJ: What did I say last time?
Me: A Banana
WJ: That's a good answer!!
Me: Why yes it is
WJ: Now I want to be a witch or a BAD CAT
Me: Got it
Me: Who is your best friend?
WJ: Kylie, Eleri & Keanna
Me: What is your favorite movie?
WJ: DUR.......Anything with PRINCESSES!!!
Me: What is your favorite TV show?
WJ: Jack's Big Music Show, Bindi The Jungle Girl & Dora...DON'T PUT LAZY TOWN I HATE THAT SHOW!!!!!
Me: What's your favorite food?
WJ: How many can I pick?
Me: As many as you want
WJ: Let's start with cottage cheese, fire chips (Nacho Cheese Doritos), Carrots and COW MILK FROM STARBUCKS!!!!
Me: Thanks for helping me out Whit
WJ: Man, now I'm gonna need 2 rice crispy treats!!!!

NOTE: there was continual eye rolling -- clearly she must have something better to do!!!!!
Here is her page from last year (2006)

Then it was Brendan's turn.......He however was a bit easier due to the fact at this point he will do anything to get out of his room --- Being grounded is a bitch!!!

Me: Brendan can I talk to you for a minute
BR: Take more than a minute mom
Me: I need to ask you some questions for your year in review page
BR: fine, just make sure you use pictures of me with my contacts in!!
Me: I'll do my best
Me: How old did you turn this year?
BR: Um........11 you were there weren't you?
Me: yes, I was
BR: Nice to hear it
Me: What is your favorite color?
BR: ORANGE -- if that's not available Blue
Me: What is your favorite number:
BR: What did Whit say?
Me: B
BR: She does realize that that is a letter right?
Me: I pointed that fact out to her
BR: and she still went with B?
Me: yes, she did
BR: She needs help!!
Me: well, she is ONLY 3 years old
BR: B is a letter
Me: I know
BR: I guess my favorite number is 8
Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
BR: A hockey player or a soccer goalie
Me: Who are your best friends?
BR: Cameron Hiller, Emily Moren, Jonathan Taylor-Kantz and Sara Abed
Me: What is your favorite movie?
BR: Transformers
Me: are you sure it's not Hairspray
BR: Mom, you are going to make me puke....
Me: well, you like RENT
BR: it's totally different show
Me: I see
Me: What is your favorite TV Show?
BR: Avatar
Me: What is your favorite sport?
BR: Soccer (like you didn't know that)
Me: what is your favorite food?
BR: Pizza
Me: What is your least favorite food?
BR: Broccoli -- Well, ANYTHING GREEN!!!!
Me: What is your favorite book?
BR: The On The Run Series
Me: What would you do if you had a million dollars?
BR: mmmmmmm...........give some to charity, some in my college fund and then spend some
Me: nice answer
BR: am I still grounded?
Me: YES!
BR: Then, some to charity and then spend the rest
Thanks for your time Brendan!!!!

Here is his page from last year............

Friday, January 11, 2008

Facebook oh Facebook...............

so, my friend Amy convinced me to sign up for Facebook --- What she didn't tell me is that I would instantly become OBSESSED!!!!! I LOVE FACEBOOK and I want friends......

Brendan had basketball practice tonight --- I found myself being "team mom" What have I gotten myself into?!? It will be fun:)

Progress reports come home tomorrow ---- we'll see if Brendan has a good weekend --- he should.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A couple of days..........

so, it has been a couple of days since I posted --- Whitlee is back in fighting order!!!!!!!

trying to still get in the swing of things --- YIKES!!!!

I had a meeting at Brendan's school tonight --- YIKES!!! This year is good it's next year I am concerned about. I am meeting next week to make sure things are in order for him.

Not a whole lot going on just getting through day by day.

Monday, January 07, 2008

2 Days.........

So, 2 days since I have posted --- Not that I couldn't find time but I COULDN'T FIND TIME!!! Whitlee is sick --- I'm not sure what is going on -- she has a fever -- I have been keeping it down with meds -- but today she ate 1 chicken strip.......DID YOU READ THAT??
and a couple cups of kool-aid.....She didn't even want a popsicle not even a pink one!!!! When the meds wear off her temp sky-rockets to 101.5. I am going to go try and get her in first thing in the morning.
Anyhow that's all I have time for right now ----- I only slept an hour and a half last night!!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

You say it's your birthday..............................

Today is my nephews birthday -- so, since I don't have permission to blog about him I'll just say this.


And since I don't have his permission to post a photo I'll just post this:

You may not get it but Johnny will!!!!! And trust me when I say IT IS FUNNY!!!!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

According to George Carlin....................

Do you see a pattern here??? I found the funniest calendar for Jeff's desk -- George Carlin!!!!

According to George Carlin:
A radio commercial says that a certain diet pill works three times faster than starvation. Question: Are they guessing, or did they really run these tests?

He never ceases to make me smile ----

Today was better - I think............Tomorrow is a new day!!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

And the beat goes..........

bam bam bam bam bam bam bam --- each beat of my heart every breath, every blink, every second. The only thing to do is jump over the moon...............

Today, I took the kiddos to see the Bee Movie at the $2 theater -- They loved it -- I found it mildly entertaining! Good message -- not sure if the kids picked up on it.

Tomorrow Brendan goes back to school -- I think he has mixed feelings about it -- he has missed his friends and wants the structure yet the past 2 weeks have been very stressful. He also is starting basketball practices -- Thursdays at 6:30 --

I talked to Steven today -- Little League signs ups are coming -- It seems like everytime I turn around something is going on!!! YIKES!!!!

Guess that is all...........................

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The long and the short of it is.......

life continues.....

Much has happened since my last post -- Christmas -- it was a good one

We went to California for my brothers memorial service. It was beautiful. His children were there -- they are an amazing trio those 3. I'd could go on and on about them but since I have yet to ask their permission to blog about them I'll just say this --- the three of them - well, 3 + 1 are amazing and loving and they fill my soul with pride. It is not a surprise that their father was SO PROUD of everything they did -- they stood united and provided him with a beautiful and moving memorial. I didn't speak at his service -- I couldn't I thought I might be able to but I just couldn't. I will cherish every single memory. I will hold them tight within my heart. I'll bring them out every once in a blue moon. I will pass them on to my niece and nephews and their future children.

The funeral home provided this great Hawaiian cloth pouch to house Rick's ashes -- his sunglasses perched atop the box. The card that is Rick on the front riding a wave --- if anything about this had to be perfect this was..Rick riding a wave -- perfect

.....My father came -- didn't speak one word to him -- I simply have nothing to say -- I have said my peace I have spoken the absolute truth it simply doesn't matter if he wants to hear it or not -- the truth is the truth and the truth stands alone. He didn't speak to my children watched them but didn't speak to them not that I expected him to. Brendan was afraid he would say something hurtful to him -- make him feel like crap again. That would NOT have happened. My kids were surrounded by love and protected by that same love -- 2 Great Aunties, Cousins by the trio (plus one) and various assorted 2nd cousins.I appreciate that he was there for Rick's children -- I appreciate that he was able to give Rick the respect in death that he was unable to give him in life. It doesn't change things but I think it may have meant something to Rick.

My children did great. Brendan was very sad -- he was also torn as he doesn't really remember Rick just phone calls. He is sad that he won't have the chance to have his Uncle Rick to teach him to surf as they had talked about. He is sad that Rick won't be able to take him out spear fishing. He is sad that he won't be able to hug his uncle. He is glad that he was able to tell Rick that he loved him. He is so sensitive that boy of mine!!! Whitlee met her partner in crime:) Key is about 15 hours older than Whit -- she is the daughter of my cousin -- adorable simply adorable!!! They are 2 girls cut from the same bolt of fun!!!!

We are back and I am trying to get back in the "groove" --- school starts on Thursday --- lots of laundry to do --- sadness simply invades my being -- I miss him desperately -- I miss that the phone will no longer ring and a voice will say"Hey, little sister". I suppose it will get easier -- that's what they tell me "It will get easier" We shall see.

Happy New Year!!!! May 2008 be better than 2007.