Wednesday, January 23, 2008

George Carlin never fails to make me laugh!!!!

You know I try and find fun and creative things as presents for Jeff. This year the kiddos and I got him a George Carlin desktop calendar (cause he needs 2 calendars at his desk!). Each day has a little saying or quip from none other than the man himself. Now, while I find him FUNNY he (George Carlin) never ceases to make Jeff roll on the floor with laughter!!!

The following is the observence from Thursday, January 17th:

"I had an interesting morning; I got into an argument with my Rice Krispies. I distinctly heard, "Snap, crackle, f*ck you!" I'm not sure which one of them said it; I was reaching for the artifical sweetener at the time and not looking directly into the bowl."



ValJane said...

Okay so this is a dumb comment but how did you get that calendar page on your blog? I just had to ask.