Friday, August 31, 2007

24 days... really?

So, much has been going on!!! We are gearing up for school to start on Wednesday --- MIDDLE SCHOOL holy crapolicious:) Brendan is excited!!!! He was invited to the honors program and is in the choir -- singing every single day!!!

My cousin Sandra married a super guy on the 24th.

Lots has been going on I'll be back with more of an update and photos later.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Week ONE....and other stuff

OK so Pam just completed 52 weeks of getting rid of at least 7 things you don't need...You know cluttering up your life. Today is my week one! Starting on week 2 I'll post pictures of what I am getting rid of.

Here is my week ONE:
127 paperback books (donated to local library)
2 computer desks

That makes my week ONE total 129 things........not bad:)

Jeff is still in Pitt --- he can't wait to get home -- the kids have started asking when when when....How far away is Thursday?????

De-clutter de-clutter de-clutter Kids.....not happy.....I am working their butts off AND making them get rid of junk!!!! I had Brendan help take the garbage out to the curb tonight -- he did it but I heard him mutter on the way in....first, I have to help with yard work and now this---just wait until he is doing the yard work himself:)

Anyway have to run I have done 8 LOADS OF LAUNDRY TODAY!!!!!! someone needs to fold it:)


Monday, August 06, 2007

Daddy's gone to Pissburg, South Dakota

No -- I didn't spell it wrong -- if you currently ask Whitlee Jane where her daddy is she'll tell you Pissburg, South Dakota -- he is actually in Pittsburg. I don't know where the South Dakota came from. He'll be home on Thursday and it's not a moment to soon for the children miss him SO MUCH!!!! Our cell phones allow you to send15 second videos and so Jeff sends the kids a video at night and the kids send him one back.

Anyhow I need to run we are CLEANING!!!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


ok so we all know that I hate the "it's a small world" song --- it seriously makes me want to jump off the side of a really tall building!!! There is a song that has taken the #1 place away from it........whats the song.......................

and of course Jeff and Whitlee LOVE IT!!!!

So, here is my blog post from the 29th of July --- I just kept forgetting to post it.
I know I know I have said this before but……………..You know sometimes as a parent you find yourself watching your child battle inner demons and you want SO badly to either take them out of the situation or make it for them. Today I found myself in that position.

Today was Jeff’s softball b.b.q. AND Blake’s birthday party --- the intention was to go to the b.b.q. for just a little while and then I would take the kids to Blake’s birthday party. We got to the park for the b.b.q. – yeah I’m not even going to talk about the fact that other than Rick the only other person to be there was one person from the team……where was everyone?? The kids had a blast it turned out to be a beautiful day and the next thing we knew it was 4 O’clock!!! YIKES we missed the birthday party.

So, here is my situation --- as we all know I am NEUROTIC about my kids – not just run of the mill neurotic but we are talking on the edge of certifiable lock me away neurotic. I am sure that I will not be the last parent to be like this and I make NO apologies for this. I do feel that the neurotic nature had its start with the fact of my fertility issues…… Anyhow, Brendan aaahh my sweet young man (YOUNG MAN!!) as he gets older – especially since everything that went on with his migraines I see such a change in him – not who he is but………….I guess it would be how he carries himself. Does that make sense??? Through everything that has happened this year he has really grown and matured. I constantly struggle (almost on a daily basis) with trying as a parent to let him grow, take responsibility and try things on his own. Do all parents struggle with this??? They must right – I mean I am sure mine did. So, not far from our reserved picnic area is a zip line…… know a cable attached to cables that you hook onto or in this case sit on the seat and hurl yourself towards the end of the cable and what you may ask stops you??? An old tire attached to the end of this thing. Brendan started scoping this thing out almost immediately – it probably took a good hour before he even mentioned it – I saw him looking at it and he was quite interested in it but he hadn’t said anything…….Rick noticed his interest and asked Brendan if he wanted to go on the Zip….Nah the line was to long…..This was the thing that I watched him struggle with the desire to try something new and the fear of a horrible ending…………So, there wasn’t a line…………he decided he just wanted to look at it NOT go on it just look at it AND he wanted both Jeff and I to go over with him. He watched 3 maybe 4 children go before he felt brave enough to even try. Jeff wanted to do the zip SO SO SO bad!!! Uh yeah…… didn’t happen. Needless to say Brendan tried and decided he was done AN HOUR LATER!!! He loved it just loved it and I probably took at least 100 picturesJ It was difficult watching him struggle with making the decision to do it but the look on his face was something I will NEVER forget --- He is growing up regardless if I like it or not --- I sure hope I am able to get through this first year of middle school.

Whitlee discovered a new and beautiful talent today thanks to Rick….ROCK JUGGLING!!! I am NOT kidding when I say there were rocks flying EVERYWHERE. She loved it and of course there was a lot of dirt – she was SO happy she didn’t even ask to go to the swingsJ Can you believe it.

And I won’t discuss the fact I bought an electric grill thinking it was a gas one --- Hey to my defense it looked EXACTLY the same and it was 2:30 in the morning. I am SO glad Jeff caught that one!!! Could you even imagine YIKES.

Whitlee has an obsession………….with weddings……she must have seen it on a show somewhere. Anyhow in the past 3 weeks or so she has married her dad, the dog, her baby named baby, the fish, her bike, her brother and her favorite blanket – yeah you try explaining to a 3 year old that you can’t marry your dad, brother, dog, fish, baby doll, bike or blanket!!!! So, on Thursday I asked her if she wanted to see the video of when daddy and I got married. It was a bit disturbing to watch…… the rehearsal dinner out of the 25 or so people who were there 6 of them had died. 6 doesn’t that seem like a large number?? Annie, My mom, Mima, Uncle Rick, Jeff’s Grandma Wilma & Jeff’s Aunt Sharon all of them gone. Those were just the people at the rehearsal dinner – add to that Jeff’s Grandma Ethel, His Grandpa Bill, Grandfather Howard………WOW!!! Whitlee kept asking who was that lady with her Grandpa Gary. Try explaining to a 3 year old that was his wife – her response – “that’s not Abuela” true so true!!! WOW was my hair BIG BIG BIG!!!