Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Week ONE....and other stuff

OK so Pam just completed 52 weeks of getting rid of at least 7 things you don't need...You know cluttering up your life. Today is my week one! Starting on week 2 I'll post pictures of what I am getting rid of.

Here is my week ONE:
127 paperback books (donated to local library)
2 computer desks

That makes my week ONE total 129 things........not bad:)

Jeff is still in Pitt --- he can't wait to get home -- the kids have started asking when when when....How far away is Thursday?????

De-clutter de-clutter de-clutter Kids.....not happy.....I am working their butts off AND making them get rid of junk!!!! I had Brendan help take the garbage out to the curb tonight -- he did it but I heard him mutter on the way in....first, I have to help with yard work and now this---just wait until he is doing the yard work himself:)

Anyway have to run I have done 8 LOADS OF LAUNDRY TODAY!!!!!! someone needs to fold it:)



Christy said...

Remember I am looking for a student desk for JC!!!

You go girl with cleaning! I am proud of you.