Tuesday, February 26, 2008

per Uncle Steven

Monday, February 25, 2008

Where does the time go????

so, this will probably be quick -- I just have a few minutes until I need to take Whitlee to the dentist ------

We are the mighty Marsden Cardinals -- our colors are grey and red. Our lives have been BASEBALL!!! It is literally all baseball all the time!! Brendan is loving loving loving it!!! He really is on a wonderful team -- the coaches are so great and Brendan loves baseball. Brendan and I had a long discussion about on field hustle and showing your coaches that you are working hard. He said it made sense but I wasn't sure if he had been listening to me but I guess the hustle was there --- His Coach Dan approached him yesterday and told him that he and the other coaches had noticed what he was doing -- he said that if he had to pick one boy on the team that had made the most improvement on the team in the last week it was hands down Brendan. I could barely get his big head in the van:) You Are The Man. I really think we are going to have a great season.

Whitlee will be 4 on Wednesday --- I was trying to wrap my mind around that last night ----- 4 years old!!!! Can that even be possible!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a couple of shots from practice yesterday ----

I LOVE THIS KID!!!!!!!!!! He amazes me!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

it's been a week.....lots has happened......

I'll get to that at a different time.....................

It's been 2 months since my brother died -- he is never far from my thoughts.

this is a shot of Rick with his daughter Amber at her high school graduation.

I miss him.....

Sunday, February 10, 2008

So I didn't get back on Saturday ------

Why one might ask.............I fell asleep!!!!

Here are just a few of the 538 photos that I took Saturday at Little League Major tryouts!!!!

Brendan is warming up and showing his throwing form.

So, I also wanted to say something.........My brother Steven ROCKS!!! I So RockHe is absolutely the best Uncle Steven EVER!!!! I have never for one instant questioned if he loved my children -- he loves my kids as if they were his own. He loves my kids as I love and adore his. He LOVES THE CRAP out of them!!! He loves Brendan to the moon and back and I love him for that!!! I know I know gushing and gushing!!! He would hate it but this is MY blog correct...So there!!! I can write whatever I want Na-na-na-na. Steven and the wonderful Matthew braved rain and being cold to come and support Brendan -- of course Matthew discovered frinds there!!! That kid knows someone EVERYWHERE:)

Here is a picture of Steven, Jeff and Whitlee --- I'm not quite sure what Whitlee is doing.............

So, Jeff took Brendan back Sunday --- he did well Saturday but did even better Sunday --- guess who was there??? Uncle Steve.........Did I mention that he ROCKED Nasty Teeth . Brendan was VERY touched that he and Matthew came back. So, fast forward a couple of hours.

The question of the day is.......What do you get when you have an 11 year old who plays a balls out basketball game at odark early on a Saturday followed by an intense Little League tryout???.................

Here is shot of Brendan catching a pop fly --- the man in the Red jacket in the background is going to be his coach (we'll get to that in a minute).

O.K. - Brendan sat on the couch starting at 6:45 Sunday with the phone in his hand waiting for .....THE CALL... He started to panic just a bit....he got the call at about 8:25 p.m. His coach was seemed very nice --- Brendan had a visible sigh of relief!!! The coach sounded happy to have Brendan on his team................I guess we will wait and see..............There is a parent's meeting on Friday and there is suppose to be some sort of practice this weekend. There is a tournament March 08 & 09. Brendan called Uncle Steven to let him know. Steven was SO great with Brendan!! Congratulating him and assuring him what a great season he would have. Have I mentioned You Are The Man!!!! Steven also let me know that this coach is a good match for Brendan. The next call was Grandma (I think we woke her UP!!!!). She was also VERY proud of Brendan. As soon as I get a schedule I'll get it out. The third and final call was to Blake Latta -- Blake had just gotten off the phone with HIS coach................the same coach that called Brendan!!! BRENDAN AND BLAKE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM!!!! They were both excited! Brendan went to bed with a smile on his face and a light heart!!!! It's February and baseballBaseball Head is upon us Faint !!!

All is well in Cunningham Cove!!!!!!