Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hey look mom I'm a scum angel:)

16 days and counting.........The snow trip is looming large ahead of us. The kids are SO SO SO excited - I guess I am also - I just can't wait to see the enjoyment on their faces. It should come as no surprise that Whitlee LOVES the movie Finding Nemo -- in the movie the fish tank is all grossed out and the star fish says "Hey, I'm a scum angel!!!!" Whitlee thinks that this is just the funniest thing. She doesn't know of or has ever seen a snow angel --- I can just picture the video now --- Whitlee laying in the snow yelling -- "Hey mom I'm a scum angel!!!!!" I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Also, I can't wait to take pictures of Brendan in a snowball fight -- he can't wait. I wonder how much hot chocolate we will go through that weekend? Is it possible to od on hot chocolate??? I may have to take some apple cider, whip cream and carmel so I can make Brendan Carmel Apple Ciders -- he prefers them to hot chocolate.

So, what the heck do we need on a snow trip????
Snow boots --- Me (check) Whitlee (check) Brendan (needed) Jeff (needed)
Snowsuits/jackets - Me (check) Jeff (check) Brendan (check) Whitlee (check)
Gloves/Mittens - Me (check) Jeff (check) Brendan (check) Whitlee (check)
Hats - Me (check) Jeff (says baseball caps will do) Brendan (check) Whitlee (check)
A ton of warm clothes (Check - entire family)

I think that we may just have it covered -- who am I kidding I have no idea what we need! I just hope that I can figure out part of what so my kids don't catch their the death of cold. I'm not sure how the whole food thing boils down yet --- I'll have to get on that soon.

I have actually posted 2 days in a row ----- dare I call it a streak??? Nah!!!!!!

Christy started college today -- I talked to her this morning before her class - she was excited yet nervous. She sounded a bit worried after she found out about how much work is involved but I know she can do it!

Brendan went back to school today - he was SO TIRED!!! It shouldn't take him long to get in the swing of things. He should find out tomorrow if he made the choir or not. Saturday the 15th is the choir singing at the Husky Women's Basketball game - February is a Seattle Thunderbird game and then a Tacoma Rainier game and a Seattle Mariner game.

So Friday is Whitlee's 2nd gymnastic lesson -- she sure does love them. Each time I watch her little video on the long trampoline I can't help but to giggle.

I guess that is all for now I have about a billion loads of laundry to do..................................