Friday, October 13, 2006

No school no schoo na na na na na na!!!!!!!!!

So, when did kids start getting so many dang days off??? School has been going for about 5 weeks and they have already had 2 days off! School wasn't like this when I was young (but then that was a long time ago).

This week has been SO SO SO busy (Mike - I haven't forgotten about you I will email you what I have done). Brendan had his volleyball tournament yesterday -- 6 15 minutes matches -- UNDEFEATED!!! They played well and most of all they had a BLAST! Brendan just loved it -- I took him to practice in the morning so I could take the "team" picture for the yearbook - he had crossing guard and then school all day -- volleyball and then as soon as it was over he had soccer practice! CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pulling the photos and video off my camera and will post some stuff soon.