Monday, October 02, 2006

Rainy days and Monday's always............

bring me down..... OK, so it didn't rain but it is Monday -- The beginning of another week -- I have a dental appointment tomorrow - Luckily my family doesn't expect much of me tomorrow as I will be drugged out of my mind -- I won't remember a thing - literally. I should only be there for about 4 hours this time. So it should be a short visit:)

Jeff has the day off and so Whitlee said she was going to babysit him:) She said she wants 2 monies -- I think I'll make sure there is a "treat" for her. Taking care of daddy is a big job -- I am determined to teach him how to do a ponytail:) The thought of doing Whitlee's hair FREAKS him out -- He never had a problem combing Brendan's hair -- the only thing I can figure is that she is a girl. So, I am starting with ponys and working my way to braids (take a minute to form the mental picture of Jeff braiding Whitlee's hair -- now take a minute to giggle:))

OK, I am off -- I need to locate sweats for tomorrow and take a shower since I won't be in any condition tomorrow.

Oh wait one thing.........My crazy friend who jumped out of the plane -- You are my hero!!! You have a set of brass balls baby -- I could NEVER do that.