Sunday, October 01, 2006

October it is REALLY October!!!

Where oh where has the year gone??? only 86 more shopping days until CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

This year seems to just be flying by. Today was a lazy hazy fall day at the Cunningham house. Well, Ginger did have to work but she has the next 2 days off!!

OK - So, I've been busy -- here is a video I took of Brendan yesterday at his soccer game.

He really loves soccer and I am so glad!!!! I have been working on a soccer themed magazine cover -- I figure why pay the photographer $12 for one that I don't really like when I can make one that I will:)

My friend Jenel (I think she is CRAZY) jumped out of a plane yesterday -- LITERALLY -- and since she made it ok it looks like Jay is going to have to pay for her tattoo:)

Before I go -- A very close friend of mine lost her grandma this morning -- I have known this friend and her family for 20 years -- my heart is just breaking for them. Please keep them in your thoughts that they can find peace in this sad time. Thanks


Anonymous said...

I might have jumped out of a plane and now you think I am crazy, but it was the most exiting thing I have ever done and I can't wait to do it again! Sure you don't want to join me? I am so glad to hear that Brendan is loving soccer!