Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Greetings Space Cowboy.....................

So offically it is Wednesday - Tuesday is just a complete....nothing - not even a memory just a hazy lazy blur.

I was at the dentist from 8am to 2pm -- They drilled out 5 fillings that I had had for at least 25 years - they were mercury filings and evidently those aren't good for you as mercury not suppose to be in your mouth. They seeded my crown and then I had another root canal(I didn't know that was going to happen) - The good thing is......I FEEL GREAT!!!! There is NO pain at all -- well, that isn't true - my mouth is sore but not to the point where I had to take anything not even an asprin.

I have something to put out there..............OK I am selling something---well, not me actually Brendan. As you know Brendan is in 5th grade this year - every year the 5th graders do a fundraiser to earn money for 5th grade camp(it is in May). The cost of the 4 day camp is around $150 per student. So this year the 5th graders are selling holiday wreaths - that's right fa-la-la-la-la!! The prices range from $15 for a centerpiece with bow and candle to $85 for a 48 inch mixed wreath -- the wreaths start at $17 for a 20 inch. Anyhow, Brendan has to earn half of his way to camp. If you would are interested in a holiday decoration (wreath, candy cane, cross, garland, centerpiece or swag) please let me know he is selling them until November 3rd (so, this will be one of many please) and they will be delivered the first week of December. Ok that is my speel but remember I'll be back:)
School pictures were today - Brendan's should turn out nice -- The girls that were there taking the pictures were the best!!! They loved Whitlee -- she (Whitlee) even got her picture taken - I can't wait for them to come back.

I'm off I have to finish typing up the minutes from the last PTA meeting and do a newsletter:)