Friday, March 30, 2007


Today officially is day 32...........and Brendan still has a migraine.........BUT instead of a 7/10 he is officially at a 5/10!!!! What do we have to thank for this??? The release of Happy Feet? The end of the month of March? The fact that I did 9 loads of laundry in one day? The fact that there is 7 days in the week? The fact that the month starts with an M? Karma? The yucky meds(I doubt it!)? A therapeutic massage (maybe)? A SUPER AWESOME Acupuncturist? Yeah! I think I'd go with the last with a sprinkle of the 2nd to last!!!!

This week we have only contacted the Neuro team twice!!! Those phone calls consisted of a lot of yelling and screaming on my part (she says hanging her head).

Today we went back and saw Mr. Chris. Before I forget here is his web site --- AMAZING & AWESOME!!

First, he did some cupping -
OK he did a LOT of cupping -- it didn't bother Brendan at all!!

Then he did some Acupuncture

On the back of Brendan's neck, his shoulders and his feet ---- Then he did some pressure point work. When Brendan got off that table he was down to a 5 ---- maybe I didn't make that clear enough HE WAS DOWN TO A 5!!!!!
When we left the office the hollow pain-filled look that has been in Brendan's eye since the migraine started -- that look was GONE!!! He is getting relief at the hands of this wonderful man!!
Brendan has 2 more appointments next week and 2 appointments at the massage therapists office. The hope is that maybe he can go to school on Thursday for a bit ---We'll see yet we are filled with cautious relief............cautious relief..............relief...........yet cautious...... Do I give any credit thus far to the Neuro team??? That is a loaded question - I guess I am grateful for the care at the hospital -- I am grateful that I know it isn't something life threatening -- Do I give them credit for the lower pain level? Ah...................NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!
I am off to work on the yearbook --- it is due in Kansas City on Monday --
I am outta here........................................ last thing -- someone close to us -- who reads this blog -- called Jeff this week -- this person has a HUGE week ahead of them next week -- GO KICK ASS!!!!!!


Blessed @pcosmommies said...

Stephanie, I am just checking in on you & Brendan. ((((hugs))))

I really hope & pray he is getting better every day & this will all soon be a distant memory.

One thing...did any of the docs suggest an MRI? They are painless & much less invasive than a spinal tap & may help the figure out WHy this is happening & thus be able to treat it better (just something to consider....that is- if the acupuncutre isn't doing the job anymore).

My prayers are w/ you all...especially dear Brendan.