Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Can be refrigerated for up to 15 days.............

are they serious???? Albertsons has pre-cooked bacon on sale --- I usually get this at Costco because of the BULK -- Needless to say we are bacon lovers here:) So, the package (at Albertsons) has 15 slices of bacon in each package. On the side of the package in fairly large letters it says that once the package is opened it can be refrigerated for up to 15 days --- Is there someone who really needs 15 days to eat a package of bacon????? 15 slices of bacon last a very short time in our house:) I think that in my next life I will probably be a pig for all the bacon we consume --- yes, Karma is a bitch:)

HEY SHARLENE............
(I didn't forget and Steven didn't remind me!!!!)