Monday, October 01, 2007

(Insert clever and extremely witty title here)

Have you ever had one of those days?? Welcome to my day:)

I think I have recovered from the Jonas Brothers!!!

Friday night I took Ginger and Whitlee to the Children's Theater at Seattle Center. They are about midway through their run of Disney's High School Musical. It was GREAT!!! Both girls LOVED LOVED LOVED it -- Whitlee didn't even move. When the play was over the cast came and sat at the edge of the stage to sign autographs -- Ginger got every single one of them!!! Whitlee wasn't interested until we were leaving....Ah such is a 3 year old!! She was "sad" all the way home then announced that she wanted Daddy to sign her paper --- Jeff got a pen and when he was ready to sign she announced she wanted him to sign HER name. So, Jeff signed Whitlee's name on her High School Musical program -- she was so thrilled she slept with it!!

Brendan had a soccer game on Saturday afternoon -- He played really well!!! They scored twice on him but it was due to his lack of defensive players in the defensive zone. What a concept!! The coolest part for Brendan??? His teacher Mrs. Luettgen (Honors Language Arts and Social Studies) came to see him play!! She is WONDERFUL!!!! He is going to have such a great year in her classes!!!

Today, they are practicing on the new turf fields at Game Farm Park. I can't wait to get some shots. It is very BRIGHT AND SHINY!!!!!

Anyhow, I am going to need to go and pick up Brendan soon. He was excited to go to school today.....why??? PE!! My child excited about PE!!!! YIKES............well, they are playing soccer.