Friday, February 27, 2009

My Sweet Girl..........

It has been 1827 day since you shot into our lives. You my daughter have taught me far far more than I have taught you. A fighter from week 15 when my water broke. I am filled with love and gratitude for you and your brother -- I have always said that if I never do another thing in my entire life that will be fine as I have the two of you.

The opportunity to be your mom is so unbelievably awesome!!!! How come I am so lucky?? Sometime, I admit that I wonder "What in the hell is going through her mind?" or "Seriously, the dog in the dryer" or "No, Jeff I have no idea why she sprayed carpet cleaner into the TV" I am willing to admit that I have looked at you in wonder and thought --- Brendan never did anything like this...............That is ALWAYS ALWAYS followed by she is not Brendan she is Whitlee Jane. I love you with my whole heart............I will never get tired of you saying this to me. When I ask you "How do you know it's your whole heart?" a brief roll of the eye is usually followed with "Mom, I know -- you are the best mom and I love you"

Here are some reasons I love you so:

~ you give the BEST hugs

~ You LOVE LOVE to learn - reading and writing

~ You are SO artistic (your "colorations")

~ When you smile you smile with your entire face

~ You find such enjoyment in anything you do

~ You love to be a helper....especially when I am baking

~ You make the BEST sugar cookies:)

~ You are SUCH a girl!!!!!

~ You LOVE shoes:)

~ You love pink and must wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY

~ You love to sing at the very TOP of your lungs anytime and ANYPLACE!!!!

~ You love your brother (or as you call him....bro bro, peanut bruder, b bob, brother)

~ You have no problem showing your emotions

~ You look exactly like me!!!! It is scary!!

~ You love to tease me --- you eat celery in front of me so it will gross me out, you skip and giggle because you know I can't skip AT ALL!!!

~ You are so amazed when you learn something new

~ You LOVE dinosaurs and babies

~ Your willing to try almost anything

~ You start each and every day by giving me a GIANT hug and telling me you love me

~ You have a compassionate soul

~ You worry about Daddy, Brendan, Uncle Steven, Auntie Ginger, Auntie Sharlene and your grandparents.

~ At your young young age you are so well mannered..........OK, not ALWAYS well mannered but, most of the time:)

~ When I am sick you want to take care of me.......thank you for making me toast:)

~ You hate peanut butter:)

Thank you my sweet girl, thank you for picking me to be your Mommy!! I love you with my entire being!! Along with your brother you are the reason for each and every breath I take, you are why I wake up in the morning, you make me want to be a better person so, I can lead by example. I wish your Grandma Nancy, Your Bachi, Great Gram Ohrt, and Great Grandma Cunningham had each had the opportunity to meet you..........Man, they would have LOVED LOVED you!!!! They also would have loved the fact that you keep me on my toes (they would think that this was PERFECT).

I look forward to watching you grow -- this is a big year for you after all you ARE an entire hand!! You will start school this heart breaks at the thought of this...I hope there is a Trish McCullom there I think I'll probably need a hug:) I am excited about your adventure -- you are excited about your adventures....... I love being your mom!!!

Happy birthday baby!! I love you!!! May this year bring you happiness and adventure. Grow and enjoy every moment -- I'll be right here!!

Love you bunches to the moon and back with frosting and sprinkles,