Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Since I have turned 40 I have been doing a lot of self inventory - I think of it as a Stephanie in retrospect if you will ~ like the Army --- Be all that you can be!!!

Getting back into contact with girls now women from high school -- How I have missed them in my life!!! Where there had been a hole there is no longer.

Taking control of my kidney issues instead of burying my head in the sand. I went back to the Dr. -- Had the ultrasound, gave blood, pee'd in a cup etc. etc. etc..........Good news - kidney function is stable (that is good).

Enjoying the creativity that I have -- it really does matter to me.

Working on my photography eye......I am learning to really trust my instincts -- shoot what is pleasing to my eye -- I have yet to not love the results!!!

Kids are doing well -- currently I am not freaking out that Whitlee is just a few days from turning 5!!!!! She is so excited and it is very easy to get as excited looking at it through her eyes. I am looking at schools now -- my sweet baby girl will be a big Kinder in September (she is already checking out backpacks!!!). Brendan, he is doing well in school -- he is doing better than well!!!!!! I enjoy them so - they truly the be all to end all!!!

I am so grateful for fertility medical intervention!!!!

I strive daily to live my 2009 word: Cherish........I feel it down to my bones:)

.........Just when I am winding down along on this road I know out of nowhere in particular I get a bit of information (which will remain private at this time) -- I admit I have thought of it every now and again after all, I am only human:) When I got this tidbit the pain was gone........poof........WOW!!! Seriously, I don't feel glee at others pain and I know there had to be some pain. Nor, to I feel vindicated (OK that isn't true................maybe juuuuuuuuuuuust a little bit). I do feel bad for the pain I know accompanied the entire situation.

It's been an interesting time since I've turned 40!!! Being 40 is TOTALLY BAD ASS!!!