Monday, February 02, 2009


February is upon us..............SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did January go??? Whitlee will be 5 in 25 day.............SERIOUSLY!!!! She is VERY VERY excited!! She is having a pool party (her favorite kind of party) with a PINK Princess Theme...........She says the best part is that she is going to be a whole hand!! I remember when that impressed Brendan. For Christmas Steven and Sharlene bought her a Cupcake Maker. Brendan convinced her that she wasn't old enough to use it -- that she had to be 5!!! I was finally able to convince her last night that it was ok for her to use it with Mommy or Daddy's help!!! Today we made CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!! Errr............I mean she made cupcakes and I supervised -- Here is the fruit of her labor:)

All the cool equipment

She needed to touch everything
She was trying to figure out which cupcake paper to use
Adding water
Adding MORE water
More Mixing....
Into the cupcake cooker you go baby!!!
Getting ready to nuke it!
This AWESOME finished product! It was cinnamon sugar -- she said it was SUPER YUMMY!!!
I was in the grocery store the other day -- Look what I found.....
You know I totally had to buy some!!!!!
We went to have lunch at Jeff's office last week. This is a time honored Cunningham child tradition. Kid + Elevator = jumping!!!!
This is one of her favorite parts:)
When you are almost 13 you don't jump anymore -- you sit on the handrails
These are some glass globes that hang in Jeff's building -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!
Up close
And another one.
Lunch --- Spiced Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup
She LOVES grilled cheese (she had me take of the apples)
Even at his dad's office he is WAY cool
The children are SPOILED at Jeff's office!!! This is a little present from Maryanne -- a little candy bar and $$$$$.
This is one of my VERY FAVORITE PHOTOS OF THE KIDS!!!!! I took it from across the room -- I so love this!!!
A certain little one developed a huge case of the giggles:)
More giggles
She just couldn't stop!!!!
It was so so cute!!
The fam...
We are doing well, Brendan just started a new quarter in school!!! He is getting ready for baseball training -- Whitlee is focused on turning 5!!!!!!!!!
How are things on your end?????