Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Still trying to figure out what is going on.............

Well, I had every intention of figuring out where my mp3 player went today while sweet Whitlee napped -- that didn't happen.

Whitlee and I took Brendan to school this morning and then took Jeff to work -- Brendans school fundraiser and Boy Scout Popcorn arrived and needed to be delivered. We were home maybe 15 minutes -- just long enough for Whitlee to go potty and I made her something to eat. The phone rang it was Jeff's mom. His grandma was in the hospital and it didn't look good. Jeff and I had just been talking about this last night. She had less than a 5% chance of making it through the night. Somehow she made it through -- there are MANY things going on inside her but to respect her privacy I'll just say she is REALLY REALLY REALLY sick. I practically threw Whitlee in her car seat rushed up to the school to get Brendan and sped to Seattle to pick up Jeff. When we got to the hospital she was able to recognize Jeff, myself and Brendan -- It took everything she had just to whisper hi. There are so many emotions that are floating around now -- Jeff is freaked and I don't blame him. This woman practically raised him after his dad left and Marilyn was working. She thinks the sun rises and sets on Jeff and she doesn't care who knows it. And she LOVES Brendan and Whitlee. I want her to get better with every cell in my body (yes, that is a lot of cells!!!!) She is almost 95 years old!!! Hopefully tonight will be uneventful.

I have a secret.......................and I can't share it with anyone!!! I had to PROMISE I wouldn't say anything but I have a secret...................................WOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!

I'm going to play with some pictures right now I need to do something that will make my creative portion of my mind work so I won't be focused on the rest ---- I have a headache, Jeff had a headache and Brendan has a migraine.

I am SO PROUD of Brendan!!!! When we came home so Jeff could change his clothes and take a brief nap Brendan INSISTED on going back to the hospital with him --- he wanted to be there just in case Grammy woke up he wanted her to know he was still there.


Christy said...

Your family is in my thought and prayers! I know how much Grammie means to all of you and I hope she finds peace. Hopefully it means many more holidays together. Let me know if there is anything I can do...anything at all. Love you all!!!!