Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So I guess it's not a secret...............

Evidently the only one keeping the secret was me:) Although I must admit if it were me I don't think I could keep it either.........So, the secret is out -------- Steven and Sharlene are getting married on Saturday!!!!! We are SO SO SO happy for them. Of course their lives are super crazy right now -- but it is going to be beautiful (just keep thinking no wind no wind no wind for Saturday night)

Brendan is thrilled that there is only 3 days of school this week. Jeff has tomorrow (Wednesday) off -- Whitlee is thrilled about that. I may have Jeff take her to the movies. Brendan and I went to see Flushed Away on Saturday night. He loved it -- me not so much but than again we didn't go for me to enjoy it. OK the slugs were cute....

I am going to be 38 on Friday --- God when you think about it it seems SO old!!! But I don't feel old sometimes I feel old --- sometimes I feel really old!!!

What am I going to make for Thanksgiving??? Gary is cooking a turkey -- Brendan is making his much requested cranberry bread (it is acutally really really good and I don't like cranberries) -- I think I am making a banana cream pie -- Whitlee and I are going to the pie store in the morning --- Maybe I should get ahold of Marilyn and figure it out........How many days away is it???


Anonymous said...

Terri and I want to extend our deepest condolences to your and your family on the loss of Jeff's Grandmother. I knew Jeff's grandparents back in Yakima when Jeff and his mom lived across the street from them. And I can say with no doubt that she thought the sun rose and set around Jeff. She was a very nice person and, while she will be missed by all those that knew her, hopefully they can take solace that she died peacefully and has gone to a better place. As for Marilyn, I agree she is one of the best. Back in high school and college when I was having problems, Marilyn and Jeff agreed to take me in and that helped me out ALOT! I call her "Mom" and I do it because when I needed some motherly understanding or just a supportive laugh or smile, Marilyn was there for me. And I love her for that. Jeff and Stephanie -- While this is a tough, emotional time for you and your family, pull your kids close and give them the love and support they need to get through this ... and their love and support will help you through as well. We love you guys! Let us know if you need anything -- We're here for you!

Michael and Terri Condardo