Thursday, November 02, 2006

Who knew?????

that nacho cheese could kick my ass - LITERALLY!!!! As I am in the "SUPERMOM" mode at school -- it's Halloween and of course I have nothing but time (does anyone believe that??) The primary grades we having a "Fall Festival" instead of the traditional classroom parties -- they had asked the PTA if they could borrow our nacho cheese machine - sure, no problem..........well the company that carries the nacho cheese ---- OUT OF SUPPLY --- WHAT it's what you do how can you be "out" So we may not order but one or two cases a year (there are 4 bags in a case) but we only have 325 kids in our school!!! Anyhow on Oct. 30th I get a call that they will have it in the morning did I still need some -- DUH!! So, I drop Brendan off and school and a giggling Kitty Witch and I dash to Kent to get this cheese -- now I have to be back at the school in order to catch the AM Kinders and the AM ECE to take shots of them for the yearbook. Somewhere on the drive back from the industrial area of Kent I decide that I AM SUPERMOM not only that I AM SUPER PTA MOM!!!! Now I don't know what caused such delusions but alas that is what it was. I pull into the parking lot heft the 45+ pound box of nacho cheese onto my hip direct my sweet little kitty witch up to the side walk and grab the massive cauldron full of candy for the kiddos in my right hand --- Smart??? I think not but did I do it anyhow but of course. Now I noticed a twinge in my side shortly after but paid it no mind as since I was SUPERMOM I had things to do. The day was great the kids had a blast trick or treating - I noticed discomfort but I'd been busy all day so of course I'd be achy and tired. Fast forward to Wednesday each and every step was sheer pain at one point I am on the stairs (sitting) and then Whitlee is wiping tears from my face. By about 8 p.m. I decided to listen to Jeff -- I called my Chiro this morning but of course on Thursday he doesn't work until 3PM!!!! Jeff stayed home to watch Whitlee and take Brendan to school and Ginger to work. I have a bulging disk and a pinched nerve. My did manual alignment since I was in so much pain. The reason I was wanting to throw up so bad was my neck was WAY out of alignment also -- I felt somewhat better instantly - my back still hurts but I'm not crying I go back in the morning. Damn nacho cheese!!!!!!

I've been asked to do a photo shoot -- it's for Senior/Graduation photos. We'll see although I am more cofident with my new camera. Have I mentionned how much I LOVE IT!!! I am taking some BEAUTIFUL shots!!!

I am working on a TON of Halloween pictures as soon as I get some layouts I am happy with I post some layouts.

Something happened last week I wasn't sure if I was going to blog about it - it's not a secret or anything but more "personal" Whitlee and I came home from running errands and as soon as we pulled into the driveway - my buddy Mike pulled in behind us. I haven't seen him in awhile we email back and forth -- it was really good to see him. He was out running errands and saw us. Whitlee thought he was "cool" and she kept trying to give him leaves lots and lots and lots of leaves!! What is the fasination that she has with them -- they are EVERYWHERE!!! It was really good to see him --

So I'm outta here --


Christy said...

Hope you are feeling better.