Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You want me to take WHAT?????

That was my expression to my stand-in Gyno this morning. We all know I have some serious fertility issues and now..........................I have to take freaking birth control pills!!! You have got to be kidding right?? Talk about a waste of time - well I guess not a waste of time as it is suppose to "regulate" my cycle. That is the start I say just yank the crap out I certainly am not in the market for anymore babies. So, I am taking the new "superstar" birth control pill -- Yasmin -- I go back in 3 months -- we'll see how it goes..........BLAH


Christy said...

You have to go thru hell before they will just take it out. Trust me, I know. Just try it. Tell her is doesn't work and you want it out. Good luck!!