Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Toos............I want toos..........

Whitlee has discovered my tattoos! She has seen them before but for whatever reason today was the day she wanted to see them up close and personal!!! She understands she has to wait until she is 32 to get toos that don't wash off. So, I whipped out my bic markers and too'd her up:) SHE LOVED IT!!! Well, she loved it so much she wouldn't put on clothes --

Today was a snow day -- Brendan was so funny -- he has asked to be woken up when his dad was getting ready to leave for work -- he fell right back to sleep. I figured I'd just let him sleep --- he woke up at 9:15 (school starts at 9:10) he came running into my room full of panic -- it's 9:15 and I am late for school ---- When he realized that it was a snow day and although there was 6 inches of snow at the school we just had a dusting. He went back to bed. Who knows what tomorrow brings -- The Auburn School District didn't post the closure until 5 A.M.

I love my kids ---- they make me smile with their laughter -- they make me smile with their wonder -- they make me smile with every single breath they take. I LOVE MY KIDS!!!!

A funny sidenote................Jeff saw the devil at the train station!!! Evidently she is taking the Sounder these days..........YIKES!!!! I hope she doesn't recognize him he may be forced to talk to her.


Christy said...

That is scary! Poor Jeff!! Gotta love those kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Who is this "devil" Jeff saw at the train station?

Michael C.