Sunday, November 19, 2006

How long can a week be???

This has been one hell of a weekend!!!! One of the only bright spots..........The University Of Washington Huskys beat the Washington State Cougars --- I thought that they were going to choke it and let the Cougs woop them but no - they pulled it OUT!!! Bow down to Washington!!!

Brendan and I helped Marilyn and Gary pack up Grammy's apartment on Saturday --- I felt so bad for them they had moved Grammy in last Sunday -- I think that if there is a daughter of the year of the decade of forever and ever the lifetime achievement it should go to Marilyn HANDS DOWN!!! I can only hope to raise my children to be 1/2 of the person she is. For people who believe there is a heaven there is a special place there for her!!

I slept last night and I mean slept for 4 1/2 hours straight --- I was OUT! The house could have caught fire and I would have slept through it. I have probably slept a total of 15 hours in the last week.

This upcoming week brings a day of thanks a day of goodbye and a well I can't talk about what else it brings but it will ROCK!

I am off to kiss my kiddos!