Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Birthday You...........Happy Birthday You..........

is there anything sweeter?? Whitlee woke up singing that to me.

Today has been long -- there were giggles and laughs -- tears and sobs -- it has been an ok day.

Tonight was Grammy's service -- Jeff actually got up and spoke about her -- I was shocked that he was able to get through it. It was nice.

Whitlee picked out my birthday cake today -- NO TURKEY CAKE!!! I had balloon and Barbie candles -- any guess on who picked the candles??

Brendan picked out the funniest card:) I love his sense of humor -- He is such a GREAT kid!! He is spending the night with his grandparents tonight -- he really just wanted to spend some special time with Marilyn.

I am off to bed............Steven is getting married tomorrow and I have much to do.

Happy Birthday to me.....Happy Birthday to me.....being 38 isn't so bad.......Happy Birthday to me!!!!


Christy said...

Kids can make you smile even on the worst days!!