Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Today is the day!!!!!

School started!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brendan got right up this morning and was ready to go. He likes his class and says his teacher is great! He thought it was funny that the parents and teachers had homework but the students didn't. Here is a layout I just finished of his first day of 5th grade:

The templet is by Kimlizzy and the kit I use is the back to school kit from Gotta Pixel


Anonymous said...

So glad to share a 5th grade hug with you. Lots have changed since the kidergarten hug...........Whew time flies!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...5th grade...I remeber the day you had him and how excited I was to be having JC in a couple of month..who whould have thought they would be in 5th grade already!!