Thursday, September 14, 2006

Believe it or not it really is Thursday!!!

I have lost an entire day -- literally. So, we all know how much I hate to go to the dentist!!! I was finally able to go in yesterday to fix the issue with my left front tooth -- They did a few other things while I was "under" I don't remember ANYTHING!! They have to give me a medication called Halcinon (something like that). Not only does it knock me out I don't remember ANYTHING until the next day -- Evidently I tried to bribe Brendan to bring me a wine cooler -- I offered him $150 -- Am I a good mom or what -- when he was telling me this I didn't believe him because without a doubt I would never EVER ask Brendan to do that -- So, He bet me $5. I am now $5 poorer --- Can you even believe I did that!!! I guess I also threw a little tantrum when Jeff tried to give me the antibiotics -- I didn't want to take them -- not quite sure why but I didn't -- I feel so stupid!!!!! I'll have to make something REALLY good for dinner tonight -- I have some Copper River salmon -- maybe I'll make him that!

Brendan started Volleyball today -- the practices are at 7:15 AM!! Yes, that is suppose to read AM!! And today was Brendan and his friend Jonathan's first day as crossing guards -- They had a big day today!! It works out well because Jeff can take Brendan to school and drop him off by 7:15 and still has plenty of time to get to the train station -- Brendan thinks it is really cool that his dad is doing this and Jeff likes it because it allows him to do stuff (even if its just dropping him off) that I usually do -- Brendan was really proud when he was saying "Dad dropped me off this morning -- that was SO cool!!" And it works out for me because then I only have to make 1 trip in to take Ginger to work instead of 2 -- Brendan to school and then Ginger to work. Brendan will have practice twice a week until the jamboree -- which is when all the elementary schools get together and play a series of games. That is October 12th. After that Volleyball season is over and we wait for basketball with Mr. Grab!!! Mrs. Gillaspy and Mrs. Carr are the coaches. I am going to talk to Ashley and see if she would mind if I took a team picture and individual shots for the team (and the yearbook). I have some great digital scrapbooking stuff I can use for volleyball --

I uploaded and printed 20 18X20 layout sheets to Costco on Tuesday -- they would have been ready on Wednesday but I of course wasn't in any shape to pick them up so Whitlee and I went up there today -- I cried SERIOUSLY when I picked them up -- so, I knew the pictures were alright and I thought the layouts looked ok -- but seeing them blown up to the 12x12 size and smaller the actual page. They look SO GREAT!! I have them all spread out on my bed right now just looking at them!!! Brendan has already laid dibs on one of the 6x6's of he and JC at the Storm game -- I am giving JC the other one.

Today was Brendan's 1st day as a Crossing Guard -- you have to be in 5th grade to be a crossing guard -- there are 2 things he has been waiting for since he was a Kinder -- basketball with Mr. Grab and being a crossing guard -- I snapped a few shots today and can't wait to do some pages. I didn't get any done yesterday as I was "under medical sedation" That sounds good right!!! Anyhow I am going to try and get a few done tonight -- no promises though as I am going to be taking some pain medication as soon as Jeff gets home.

I realized that I hadn't done a quote in a long time. I found this one and I'm looking for the right layout to use it on - I just love it.

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter - e. e. Cummings"


Anonymous said...

Very good quote. I love it!!