Tuesday, September 05, 2006

So, the zoo was SO much fun!!!!! The kids had such a blast. We of course did the butterfly exhibt -- I let Brendan go crazy with my digital camera he got some GREAT shots -- Boy if I were to get that Cannon Rebel for my birthday or Christmas (HINT HINT Jeff!!!) I would give him the point and shot camera I have now. I'll post some of his work later. They also have an exhibt where you are in an enclosure and get to feed birds -- It was a blast -- I think that this was Brendan's favorite part (aside from seeing the penguins -- that boy has a thing for the penguins) Whitlee -- well if you ask her be prepared for her honest 2 year old answer -- We were looking at the elephants and well, she (the elephant) showed us her backside and well then she answered natures call..............My sweet little Whitlee-------"That is some BIG poopie!!!" and "Look at all that pee pee!!" - and after a great day at the zoo -- where a butterfly landed on her(she barely kept from freaking out) and a bird ate from her hand (she didn't move a muscle -- she loved it!!!) what was my sweet little girly girls favorite thing at the zoo..........You guessed it the elephant going to the bathroom!!!! She can't wait to tell her grandma about it!!!

I am working on a couple of layouts but will have to finish them in the morning after I take Brendan to school!!!(YIKES!!!!!).

Anyhow I wanted to post this before I forgot about it --- At the Woodland Park Zoo they have an Africian village --- the kids decided to give Jeff and I a private drum concert.

This is one of Brendan's shots.........Not bad for a 10 year old!!!!

I'll be back later to post some pictures and the layouts.........