Monday, September 11, 2006

Well, sure.............DOH!!!

According to my clock it is 12:18 am -- where did the freaking day go??? Thankfully Brendan is feeling better -- Man, I felt so damn bad for him. He felt awful but kept trying to pretend that he felt fine. Yesterday (Saturday) was my brother's birthday - Jeff took Ginger and Whitlee to join Steven, Sharlene, Matthew, Jenel, Jay, Dylan and Jacob for dinner (at Brendan's FAVORITE place). They had a good time - Brendan was really bummed because he really wanted to go. We have gone over 24 hours without any vomit so I believe things may be looking up!!!!

So, I am sure that a million bloggers are going to talk about this so here is my speel I'll keep it short and try to reign in the liberal side of me.

Today is September 11 - the 5 year anniversary of the twin tower and pentagon explosions. I promise I won't preach or get on a soap box -- I remember vividly what I was doing when I heard about what was going on -- I was getting ready for work -- I still have the same sense of dispair when I think of it -- Such meaningless loss of life -- all those people who parished. I watched one of those news shows on Friday the one with Diane Sawyer -- they had the 9/11 widows with the babies whos fathers were killed. They are now almost 5. I must have cried a thousand tears during that show. While I am as angry at Bin Ladin as everyone else I do wonder why the hell haven't we captured him yet -- well, that would be because we are fighting a stupid war over basically nothing -- oh wait it was the non-weapons of mass distruction. OK, I'm done I promise:) I just wish peace for the survivors of 9/11.

So, here is a layouts that I did of our recent trip to the zoo.

The background for this page is from kit Watch Me Grow by Jean -- I really love this kit I can't wait to use it on some other layouts!! Feeding the birds at the Willawong Station is really cool -- it costs $1.00 per person (over 2) but it is totally worth it. I literally took 100 pictures while we were in there!! I'll be making more pages.