Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The house of ills..........

That is where I live -- Today (Tuesday) Brendan needed to be at school by 7:10 am --- yes, that is AM!! He has volleyball practice on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Let's just say he was unavailable for practice or school or even soccer practice. Poor baby - after going back to bed at 6:15 he literally slept until 11 AM. He didn't even move. He seems to be doing better and doesn't have a fever so we are going to try school tomorrow.

I bought Whitlee (ok the whole family) Curious George today. I wasn't a real good PTA mom today --- I went to Walmart as it is the closest and usually the cheapest -- How was I to know there was a Seattle Seahawk there signing autographs............Well, actually he was done as I walked in -- I grabbed the movie out of the display and started toward the register -- He proclaimed in a MACHO voice "I bet she wants my autograph!" Um..........NO I want Curious George -- so the butt-kissing employee that they had assigned to him comes bum rushing me -- I am trying to explain no I am not interested.....Mr. Seahawk says "Come on, I know your here to see me just admit it!!" I have now realized that he must be in love with himself I mean seriously -- I tried I really tried to be polite. When he didn't quite get the picture - I literally said "No, I don't want your autograph and there are 2 reasons for it...1) I don't know WHO the heck you are and 2) I hate the Seahawks I am a life long 49er fan" and with that I grabbed a box of Junior Carmels and my Curious George DVD and headed to the register!!! I don't want put who he is let's just say he is a cornerback and leave it at that!! Where has my patience gone??? I am disgusted that I reacted like that. I just was at my wits end by that time with both Whitlee and Brendan not feeling well.

So here is a new layout -- I took the picture of Whitlee last night as we were waiting to get into the gym for the Cub Scout pack meeting -- Where did my baby go????

The kit is Honeydew Lemon ~ Miss Mint and the templet is DIP Simplescraps 07 ~ Dawn Wilson.

I am working on some cool soccer things I hope to be posting soon.

I have a quote for the day:

"To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest. "