Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 2 down -----

Brendan made it through his second day!! I know that this is a totally biased statement but I think his teacher is WONDERFUL!!! Mrs. Erickson is a wonderful teacher (and a great friend) I think that she and Brendan will make a good pair -- he already loves her -- she has......errrr....had fish -- well to be fair she still has one - but she named them after the villians of the Harry Potter series so she wouldn't be sad when they died!! You gotta love that!! Whitlee adores her but is currently a bit confused -- for most of last year she called her Miss Staci -- then since she will be going to that school I had her start calling her Miss Shuck -- well she got married this summer so now she is Mrs. Erickson -- You should have seen Whitlee's face When she called her Miss Shuck and I corrected her and said it was Mrs. Erickson -- It may take a few days for her to get the hang of it. Here is a layout that I did.

It's of the day that Brendan had his Yu-Gi-Oh tournament in Seattle. The kit used is called Fruity Bits by Michelle A. Conrad -- I just love the colors of this kit. I guess that is all for now I am off to do a couple of layouts:) Tomorrow we (Whitlee and I) are going to buy her Halloween Costume!!!! She is SO SO SO excited about it!!!!


Anonymous said...

Halloween...boy are you on top of things this year!! What might she be???? Glad to hear Brendan is doing so well.